August 3, 2010

Web phone for the Flash/RTMP Server Channel

The new Flash/RTMP Server Channel for VXI* is designed to make voice or video calls over Internet with any web browser. This flash phone is a very thin applet with a simple template easy to customize and to insert in a website or web application. You can resize, hide, add or remove any fields, buttons, frames…etc More information: Flash/RTMP Server Channel
September 12, 2009

The real challenge of mobiles and web services is… Voice

Discovering this article “The next big thing in mobile is… voice?” from Micheal Lambert, we learn why voice is the real challenge for mobiles phone services today. We have take some elements as summary but the complete article is really good to read. Today, texting and mobile applications have surpassed voice in popularity, arguably because of their dynamic and flexible nature. Sending photos to friends in real-time is a snap, as is using SMS to update our Twitter status. […] This burgeoning app market has a limited lifespan, though. Size and device constraints will eventually throw up roadblocks to mobile innovation – meaning it might be time to reevaluate our reliance on keyboards and touch screens.[…] Voice has primarily sat apart from mobile applications on handsets, being mostly limited to basic phone functionality. Voice calls and the way we use […]
May 9, 2008

Web publishing demo for 3G mobiles phones

We are please to present an interesting demo using a 3G VoiceXML application with VXI* 3.0 platforms. This IVVR video portal will allow you to record easily a video in real time during the videocall. The content is automatically posted to a web server in 3GP and FLV formats to be played by a simple video flash player. To test the demo, you just need to get a 3G mobile phone (with camera) and ensure you have 3G coverage with your operator (some countries may not have 3G coverage everywhere, this service is connected to Spain local PSTN/ISDN 3G network). Please follow this: Videocall to +34 91 210 45 06 (select videocall mode in your mobile 3G phone). Follow the video portal instructions, press 1 to start recording after the beep… To stop recording press any key, the video portal […]