June 28, 2009

New *CLI> commands for VXI* 4.1

VXI* 4.1 has been enhanced with new commands line to provide more information to administrators. VXI*  data logs are now managed easier from the Asterisk *CLI>; today get online information about all the calls, sessions, accounts, statistics, … your  IVR management becomes simple: Find here the new commands line dumped with Asterisk *CLI>: Help vxml debug | Enable VoiceXML application debugging vxml no debug | Disable VoiceXML application debugging vxml reload | Reload VoiceXML interpreter configuration vxml show accounts | Show the accounts configured vxml show account | Show an account configured vxml show applications | Show and check the dependencies applications vxml show configuration | Show the configuration of VoiceXML interpreter vxml show dates | Show dates of VoiceXML interpreter vxml show license | Show license of VoiceXML interpreter vxml show sessions Show the sessions of VoiceXML interpreter vxml show session | Show the session of VoiceXML […]