February 21, 2023

Meeting with Artematica and Ulex/i6net at Lyon

On the Valentine’s Day 2023, we met an old I6net customer from Catania , named Artematica. Sergio is using VXI®, since 2012 to build multi-modal service portals: TheWoice® platform . The telephone is the preferred channel for its customers. TheWoice® is now SAAS, and is pushing to be a complete turnkey product. These days they need to add new features and upgrade to the latest version of Voximal®. We are now offering our experience on VoiceXML and vocal application to help them to bring TheWoice® to next level. Artematica shares many values with us, like this one from their website : “The best form of communication is the word, but by itself it is not enough”
November 18, 2019

Launch of the new Voximal website

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Voximal website. Come and discover a redesigned website in a world of programming!