July 12, 2009

Advantages of Outbound IVR over predictive dialers

The market for Outbound IVR is set to grow as more and more companies look for ways to retain customers. Today digital telephony improves automation and the way humans interact with computers, predictive dialers are now being supplemented by outbound IVR solutions, which a – as Datamonitor reports – has a number benefits over predictive dialers of callcenters. Instead of connecting live callers to an agent when the phone is answered, outbound IVR applications use advanced Speech Recognition or DTMF to help callers and complete short transactions like alerting, process confirmation, short surveys, get feedback, send voice reminders… without any need for human assistance, or the systems can route live calls to agents only when needed or required. Advantages of outbound IVR over predictive dialers include the ability to save on costs for agents and to allow timely information, such […]
March 20, 2009

What can do Asterisk for Call Centers?

Call Center Magazine (IFAES) asks: “What can do Asterisk for Call Centers?”. It’s a simple question… Call Center technology’s experts give many answers about their Asterisk’s experiencie today. Asterisk, is the Open Source PBX for call center platforms, runs on Linux and supports most of telecom protocols. Iván Sixto from I6NET and our partners InfoSpeech – Fonetic, Altitude Software, PresenceCo are interviewed by Call Center Magazine about their business and technology point of view. Today Asterisk choice is not only a question of cost effectivity, flexibility or integration… it’s a mature business solution that small, medium or distribuited IP/TDM call center must consider. Read more at:  IFAES – Call Center Magazine Article – March 2009