February 12, 2009

VozTelecom Oigaa with 3G videocalling over VXI* at next Mobile World Congress 2009 Barcelona

  Our company is thankfull to our partner VozTelecom to show VXI* – WeSIP services at their booth space at the Catalonia Pavillon, 2nd Floor – CIDEM (CY02 – Courtyard). We will be please to meet you there, both I6NET and VozTelecom’s team will show you together the last advances on 3G/IP video telephony. The VozTelecom WeSIP and Oigaa web activated communication service which provides advanced PBX features will be connected thru VXI* platforms to allow 3G video outbound/inbound interactive calls. Come with us to talk and discover new possibilities of innovative IMS applications and services, soon at next February 16 – 19 at Barcelona 3GSM Mobile World Congress.