May 21, 2010

Our VoiceXML Links demos are now available on Skype

You can test all our VoiceXML demos from anywhere using Skype ID: Our PSTN number (+34 911 140 670)  steel available too. You can select all our demos codes at : More information:
August 3, 2009

VXI* VoiceXML browser and Skype for Asterisk, add easily call-over-internet voice portals to your business

In September 2005, Skype launched a partnership for VoiceXML with some big voice application development players and VoiceXML hosting companies like Tellme, Voxeo, Angel…opening a new huge market for voice-based services and applications delivered through the Skype platform. Unfortunately, Voice Service Program was nipped it in the bud because it was base on a pay-per-call approach over the biggest free internet P2P telephony community of users! How can users accept to pay to make a call thru Internet to a helpdesk or Customer care or any other phone self-service over Skype…? Today, thanks to Skype-for-Asterisk addon users will deploy themselves their own voice-based services servers without any hosting dependence thru Asterisk Open Source PBX and VXI* VoiceXML browser, to create their own IVR self-services / Voice Portals, and connect enterprise to Skype without  third party services or pay-per-call costs. Use […]
August 2, 2009

Digium launches Skype for Asterisk Open Beta

Past October, I6NET was at Astricon 2008 Gendale when Skype and Digium start their first partnership to make interoperable their products. Nine months after, Digium announced this week the availability of the Skype for Asterisk open beta. Skype for Asterisk Beta is a download that lets you integrate your Asterisk system with the Skype network. With Skype for Asterisk, you can: •    Make Skype to Skype calls •    Call landlines, cellphones, even grandma! •    Receive SkypeIn calls •    Make multiple Skype calls simultaneously using the same Skype account •    Read Skype profile fields •    Support DTMF •    Set and retrieve online status •    Handle incoming Skype calls using your dialplan •    Use the Asterisk PBX for voice and the Desktop for IM •    And much more! And you can do this all from your Asterisk PBX! Ordinary Skype isn’t an […]