July 22, 2011

VuiCloud: Increasing the use of Speech in IVR Applications

We are pleased to share a very good report and interesting IVR figures for you summer reading from VuiCloud (Interactive Digital). Download (from the source): [download id=”133″ format=”1″ autop=”false”] Executive Summary: Speech is one of the few technologies that has the potential for enhancing telephone self-service. The technology, if used properly, provides motivation for significant upgrading of existing self-service installations. That said, telephone self-service in general is one of the few technologies that is strongly disliked by the user community. This is largely because the bulk of the implementations have been done so poorly. According to ASR News, in 2010, the total self-service installed base was 8.6M ports worldwide. Additionally, in 2010 there were: A total of 889,640 self-service port shipments, of which 79.54% were for the Customer Premise Equipment market. A total of 75.9B DTMF self-service inbound call minutes worldwide […]
February 16, 2011

VUI Cloud: Improve the performance of your voice applications

At I6NET we are pleased to talk about new complementary services and tools to improve your IVR and Business Objectives. A good Voice User Interface design and call optimization are some of the key factors required to be successful with your VXI* platform rollouts.  That requires more than technology…. of course. VUI Cloud ( is a call optimization service delivered through the Web that improves the caller experience and helps you get better results from your voice applications. The service allows you to add personalization, reduce costs, adapt to individual callers in real time, adjust audio playback speeds (Words Per Minute spoken) and caller response timeouts on the fly, optimize the caller experience and get advice from leading Voice User Interface design experts. It also allows you to quickly learn where and why your callers are opting out with behavioral […]