July 19, 2009

New I6NET’s Corporate Presentation updated

Our last corporate presentation “July 2009” on Slideshare: I6NET Presentation – VoiceXML for everybusiness View more documents from I6NET. Table of contents: Slide 01: Title Slide 02: Our company Slide 03: Our team Slide 04: Our customers Slide 05: Our partners Slide 06: What we do? Slide 07: The 4 elements Slide 08: Our product VXI* Slide 09: Server configuration Slide 10: Our support Slide 11: On demand services Slide 12: Why VoiceXML Slide 13: Why Asterisk PBX Slide 14: Ecosystem & Social Networks Slide 15: Our datacenters Slide 16: Advantages Slide 17: Thank you!
July 13, 2009

I6NET gets social

I6NET have recently launched different online communities to stimulate communication, sharing ideas, news, announcements, videos, slides,… about our products and solutions. We are pleased to introduce more ways to stay in touch with our beloved customers, visitors, and fans. The most direct way to get information from I6NET is to subscribe to our RSS where we inform about official releases. And now, there is also Facebook, Twitter, Friendfeed, SlideShare and Youtube page for I6NET, where we inform about work in progress, upcoming events and behind the scene news. Stay tuned, follow us on: Facebook Twitter Friendfeed Slideshare Youtube Thanks for your continuous support!