October 28, 2008

I6NET and DAVI Interactive partner to offer advanced RICH media for 3G mobiles services

Madrid, Paris  October 21th, 2008, In a effort to accelerate growth and innovation for business, I6NET and DAVI Interactive today announced their partnership aimed at enhancing implementation of best-in-class solutions, especialy around the 3G communications and RICH media services fields. As part of their agreement, I6NET and DAVI work together to create various bundled offering for the 3G networks. “We think it is a great opportunity for us to partner with DAVI and offer together smartest 2D or 3D video contents mixed with our technology. I6NET is today the new way to deploy IP/3G VoiceXML interactive applications for Asterisk. We look forward to a long term relationship and are confident of success in this endeavor” said Iván Sixto CEO and Business Development Manager, I6NET. “We were thinking for a long time to push our technology on a global cell media […]