August 31, 2009

IVR provides Speech Self-Services: In a Time of Economic Uncertainty

IVR technologies have been used for long time to help human call centers to manage better their internal resources (welcome mensages, call routing, call forwarding, queues’ menus…) than to provide services to callers as: Speech self-services. This interesting article is talking about the current wind of change of IVR usage. At I6NET, most of our main VXI* business cases are coming from Speech Self-services implementations where the open standard VoiceXML language is a high value-added technology to build advanced machine-human dialogs for many business processes. In a time of economic uncertainty, when managers are being asked to do more with less, and when cost cutting has become the norm, the ability for IVR (Interactive Voice Response) to assist in accomplishing these objectives has never been more obvious. Managers are being forced to make difficult choices between high-touch experience delivered by […]