February 19, 2009

A new concept for 3G/IP cameras services

We are please to show 3iConnect, the last improvements on 3G – VoiceXML services; this new approach shows the digital convergence of two worlds, video 3G telephony and IP cameras devices. Access to an IP camera is easy from a web page but using a 3G mobile phone to connect to your IP cameras add a lot of new possibilities for businesses and users.   Main benefits are: 3G video call is real time No specific application for your mobile phone, just make a video call. No 3G data connection required, it’s a bidirectional video call connexion VoiceXML allows easy programming for your 3G services and connect thousand cameras  PTZ functions allows to move the camera 360º up/down and zoom x1 x10 Audio in/out for IP cameras having an inside micro and speaker All video demos links: