November 8, 2011

Article: Explaining the (non) adoption and use of interactive voice response (IVR) among small and medium-sized enterprises

This article by University of Geneva – Switzerland (by Caroline Kähr and Martin Steinert) talk about the (non) adoption of IVR self-service technologies and use of interactive voice response (IVR) among small and medium-sized enterprises. It also explores why advancements in IVR technology are leading to a growing number of self-service options and opportunities for big corporations to boost productivity. To our opinion, IVR vendors have focused their market in large deployments for long time and now it’s time to improve SME business processes too with flexible and low cost IVR systems like VXI*/Asterisk platforms. Executive Summary: Typically, the penetration of interactive voice response systems (IVRs) is described as being very high especially among large companies. The paper at hand discusses the use and adoption rate of such systems among companies, especially among small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). The study […]
July 22, 2011

VuiCloud: Increasing the use of Speech in IVR Applications

We are pleased to share a very good report and interesting IVR figures for you summer reading from VuiCloud (Interactive Digital). Download (from the source): [download id=”133″ format=”1″ autop=”false”] Executive Summary: Speech is one of the few technologies that has the potential for enhancing telephone self-service. The technology, if used properly, provides motivation for significant upgrading of existing self-service installations. That said, telephone self-service in general is one of the few technologies that is strongly disliked by the user community. This is largely because the bulk of the implementations have been done so poorly. According to ASR News, in 2010, the total self-service installed base was 8.6M ports worldwide. Additionally, in 2010 there were: A total of 889,640 self-service port shipments, of which 79.54% were for the Customer Premise Equipment market. A total of 75.9B DTMF self-service inbound call minutes worldwide […]
August 18, 2008

Dimension Data’s report about Speech Self Service perception gap between consumers and vendors

This insteresting 2007’s summer study published by Dimension Data (in collaboration with Cisco) on the perception gap between “vendors” (developers, system integrators, voice application developers, and speech technology vendors) and “consumers” of speech-enabled self service solutions helps better understanding the business opportunities with IVR. Conclusion, we need to listen more about user’s requirements and needs before building a speech self service. Of course, that may not be a revelation to anyone who seriously engages in voice user interface design. IVR cost-saving is welcome for users Deploying cost saving solutions where there is a benefit to consumers is a positive factor. 21% of consumers that see call centres aspiring to deliver quicker and efficient service as the main reason for the deployment of automated solutions. Most important benefit of using IVR is 24×7 service What do you think is the most […]