October 16, 2009

New HP Servers Generation update for VXI*

HP Proliant G6 are available for lastest VXI* VoiceXML platforms. These G6 servers provide the highest levels of performance, scalability and reliability base Intel Xeon Quadcore. In the previous years, most production’s deployments was done on HP Proliant servers G4 and G5; Our commitment to standards-based servers for IVR/IVVR software always provide more flexibility and evolution than any other approach. Today, we are selecting this next generation G6 servers to improve our solutions on Linux OS 64bit kernels with Asterisk 1.4/1.6 last releases. Our new Colocation Servers options available are now: HP Proliant DL160 G6 HP Proliant DL320 G6 * HP Proliant DL360 G6 * Testing, work in progress More information about other hardware servers: