September 27, 2009

VoIP2DaY 2009 – Interactive Telephony 2.0

Please find here our last VoIP2DaY presentation about “Interactive Telephony 2.0″ (spanish) by our cofounder Ivan Sixto, available on Slideshare: Telefonía Interactiva 2.0 View more documents from I6NET.
September 25, 2009

Talking about Telephony 2.0 at VoIP2DaY 2009

Link to Youtube: Thanks to Alberto Sagredo from Voipnovatos for this short video of our CEO Ivan Sixto’s presentation speaking about Interactive Telephony 2.0 at VoIP2DaY congress. We are please to share it again. Telephony 1.0 was The Phone Company providing a monolithic experience encompassing everything from directories, to handsets and the network connecting. Telephony 2.0 is a more diverse set of applications and the underlying services […] The complete video of this presentation will be publised soon at our blog. Stay tuned.