March 30, 2010

Working at I6NET datacenters…

Today we were doing important setups and updates at our datacenters… Thanks again to Infratech’s team for their collaboration and support during all our servers maintenance tasks. Link to Flickr:
June 29, 2009

Our datacenters: Best Telecom knowledge and top Carrier conditions for I6NET VXI* IVR / IVVR servers

I6NET manages and maintains one of the most redundant IVR / IVVR datacenters in Spain on Interxion and VerizonBusiness sites. We have combined our knowledge with the knowledge of top telecom engineers from VerizonBusiness, Interxion, Voztelecom, Ono, Infratech to create very high carrier conditions. Located in the 1st and 2nd largest Carrier Hotel in Madrid / Spain to be connected to European large operators IP/3G networks. Our racks are used by Carriers providing us with a link to the primary Internet and PSTN – SIP/TDM interconnection points for USA, America, Europe, Asia and provides many amenities not available in other facilities. By investing in top of the line infrastructure, power conditioning and backup, cooling systems, fire protection and connectivity, I6NET can give your colocations VXI* servers the home they have always wanted for best IVR / IVVR services. More information: […]
May 18, 2009

Advanced monitoring for VXI* VoiceXML servers

When you have a multi-server environment, server monitorization becomes a mandatory service to manage your VXI *IVR/IVVR . Nagios software deliver today a powerfull administration and monitoring solution for VXI* servers. I6NET uses it and some of our partners too, so we choose to talk about this interesting tool that helps to monitor VXI* systems base on Asterisk PBX.
July 30, 2008

VoiceXML accounts management with VXI*

Most of VXI* services need to share different VoiceXML applications and manage port capacity between them. VXI* allows to create special accounts to have a easy maintenance of your inbound/outbound lines and IVR/IVVR services. This advanced feature has been defined for advanced VoiceXML hosting services deployment with VXI* servers, All capacity set to one application is shared between the full server capacity (VXI* actived ports), so you can set any number of sessions for each application from 1 to maximum server ports. Remember, you must assign only availables ports to have 100% service availabilty. Check in your Asterisk VXI* server this: CLI*> extensions reload CLI*> vxml reload CLI*> vxml show accounts See more information about VoiceXML accounts here. The I6NET Support Team