April 16, 2009

Only a week until next 3G Connectivity event at Brussels!

Join us at 3G Connectivity conference, Videocalling & Security Services Evolution 3G Connectivity | Brussels (Belgium), April 24 2009 With the global rollout of high bandwidth 3G networks, and value added video telephony services rapidly taking centre stage, it will become critical to have a reliable video delivery platform in place to support the complex video transmission to enable processes across different types of networks (Wireless Mobile & IP).  This event is an excellent opportunity to introduce the latest advance platforms and toolkit sharing technical complexities of mobile video. It offers you a leg-up to produce compelling and profitable applications enabling the deloyment of new video-based services. Event objectives: Encourage innovation within the 3G communications Facilitate business between local and foreign businesses Help local companies to import and export visions, concepts, technologies… Present innovative visions, trends, forecasts from of 3G […]
April 14, 2009

How to make videocalls between a web page and a 3G mobile phone?

3G Videocalls from a mobile phone to a web enabled flash softphone using VXI* IVVR platform for Asterisk PBX Everybody has dreamt to make videocalls as easy as possible without any specific software installation at both sides. From a standard 3G mobile phone’s videocall to a web enabled flash application opened inside an web browser. This is now possible, opening new communication opportunities for people and businesses. Some important elements of this configuration is the ability to manage the videocall between this two worlds, 3G telecom network and IP with Flash technology using VoiceXML interactivity as a bridge with Asterisk. All integrations are now available with newest VXI* 4.1rc IVVR solution. Some examples: Web enabled video call centers agents Online videocall assistance for websites Online videocall services Videocall 3G mobile phone from any webpage having flash… Now, possibilities are endless…
April 8, 2009

I6NET and Innosystems announce interoperability between Zingaya – Flashphone and VXI* VoiceXML browser for Asterisk.

I6NET is please to announce that VXI* VoiceXML browser for Asterisk is interoperable with Zingaya MediaServer – Flashphone – DMZ. The softphone client from InnoSystems acts as a SIP sofphone complementary software for VXI*. The two interoperable products offer a dependable peer-to-peer and peer-to-anyone phone videocall solution to IP/3G service providers, helping them serve their customers better. Boths products are now able to provide most advanced real time video services thru 3G/IP technology.  VXI* and Zingaya / Flaphone is today a very powerful combination that can be offered both as complete solution for video callcenter, video selfservices, … The “call via Web site” solution, with Flashphone is powered by InnoSystems’ Zingaya Media Server VoIP gateway and the Video 3G/IP Service by VXI* using the VoiceXML language to define any advanced voice or video XML applications. This solution allows low-cost Web/SIP/3G […]
April 6, 2009

3G-UMTS video wireless network coverage ready but lack of services

  Be ready for 3G-UMTS technology don’t represent is very special innovative situation today for countries. Past days, we was traveling to Mexico and i discover that 3G wireless network coverage is very good there in most small or big cities of the Yucatan’s region. Main local wireless operators as Movistar, Telcel and Telmex; even in the road all wireless antennas were 3G enabled! Videocall is possible it’s not a far dream… Here our driver Victor show us his own Nokia N95 3G mobile phone, ready for videocall… ready for Internet, ready for a lot of things but there is a lack of videocall services like in most other countries, Operators only provide very basic services and promote voice and data… no significant value added video services yet available.  This is your opportunity here in Mexico and in most of […]
April 2, 2009

3G Connectivity Conference at Brussels – 2009, April 24

3G Connectivity for 3G Video Services Evolution is delighted to invite you to attend this Conference on next April 24th 2009 in Brussels (Belgium) This event is an excellent opportunity to introduce the latest advance platforms and toolkit sharing technical complexities of mobile video. It offers you a leg-up you need to produce compelling and profitable applications enabling the deployment of new video-based services. 3G Connectivity has been quick to adapt to the changing needs of the market and recognizes the demand for feature rich, engaging video applications which are enabled by highly scalable 3G networks. In addition, anyone can record content to the Video Portal for applications from any 3G mobile phone. Furthermore, 3G content can be live-streamed to the Internet. Our keynote  will be presented by  Ivan Sixto, CEO & Business Dev. Manager at I6NET. More information at:
February 19, 2009

A new concept for 3G/IP cameras services

We are please to show 3iConnect, the last improvements on 3G – VoiceXML services; this new approach shows the digital convergence of two worlds, video 3G telephony and IP cameras devices. Access to an IP camera is easy from a web page but using a 3G mobile phone to connect to your IP cameras add a lot of new possibilities for businesses and users.   Main benefits are: 3G video call is real time No specific application for your mobile phone, just make a video call. No 3G data connection required, it’s a bidirectional video call connexion VoiceXML allows easy programming for your 3G services and connect thousand cameras  PTZ functions allows to move the camera 360º up/down and zoom x1 x10 Audio in/out for IP cameras having an inside micro and speaker All video demos links:
February 5, 2009

I6NET and Androme partners for new IP/3G videocalling technology services

Madrid – Barcelona (Spain), February 2th, 2009, ANDROME partners with I6NET for its Phemium Consultant platform (, to provide dynamic voice/video menus for distance consultancy, for both, phone and 3G phone calls. The Phemium Consultant platform allows consultancy companies to create in minutes advanced consultancy remote services and publish them through web, phone and 3G phone calls. The call process starts with a service and consultants directory, next the access control process before the voice/video conference is established to end with a customer satisfaction survey.  ANDROME has developed this innovative services with an integration of VXI* VoiceXML browser over IP and 3G videocalling with their own products for video conferencing and Intellivic softphones.
December 2, 2008

3G technology at HomSEC congress

We are please to show some pictures from HomSEC 2008 at Madrid. Thanks to AMPER to show 3G innovation in security and telecom with video IVR services. HomSec is the Trade Fair specifically devoted to the application of technology for the Security and Protection of the National Territory and Society (Homeland Security). Link to Flickr:
November 29, 2008

AMPER exhibit video IVR at HomSEC congress

Spain, Madrid – December 1th, 2008 Our  partner AMPER, one of the main Spanish providers of communications solutions for civil and military applications and of military radio communications and command and control systems will exhibit at: HomSEC Date: December 1-4, 2008 Location: Pavellón 12 IFEMA Madrid (Spain) Booth: AMPER Discover 3G video IVR services provided with I6NET / AMPER. Please visit us at AMPER’s booth! More information:
November 14, 2008

I6NET and CELUDAN partner to provide 3G Builder for VXI* over Asterisk platforms

I6NET and CELUDAN today announced a marketing and technology partnership to develop and increase the penetration of integrated video 3G services. Spain, Madrid – November 10th, 2008 – I6NET provider of 3G/IP IVR / IVVR VoiceXML communications components for Asterisk, and CELUDAN Technologies, offering 3G RAD – Rapid Application Development Tools today announced a marketing and technology partnership aimed at increasing the penetration of integrated video 3G services. The I6NET-CELUDAN partnership will offer a complete out-of-the-box advanced multimedia platform targeted for Service Providers and ASPs. It will be designed to help enable the rapid development and deployment of advanced interactive video services. This services platform will be based on the integration of VXI* Interactive Video VoiceXML browser for Asterisk with 3G Builder.  Interactive video portals, mobile video conferencing, mobile communities, moderated video chats, participation TV, mobile video surveillance and monitoring, […]