October 21, 2012

Conference: Let’s talk about “Unified Video Communications”

25 Oct. 2012 Brussels (Belgium) at 14:00 CET Linkedin Event (follow it and register): This event is sponsored by I6NET and iWatel to provide advanced “Unified Video Communication” services, allowing modern IP network providers to unify their voice and video traffic. Dimension of video allow to connected any devices or systems like Cameras, Phones, Mobiles, Tablets, Contact Centers, Applications… It’s an excellent opportunity to introduce the latest advance platforms and toolkit sharing technical complexities of mobile video. It offers you a leg-up to produce compelling and profitable applications enabling the deloyment of new video-based services. [dt_divider style=”narrow”/] For who? If your provide: Customer-care Support Healthcare Telcos TeleSales TeleAssistance TeleConsulting TeleSecurity   Why attend? This Video Services Conference, you will, through detailed focus sessions with multi-streamed agenda including live demos: Learn the principles, features and benefits of video Get insight […]
September 27, 2012

Salesland selects I6NET’s platforms to empower its new online videosales services

Salesland is a leading field marketing and contact center company. Through its business lines: Sales Force Management, POS and Telemarketing offers tailored solutions to support the outsourcing of services that add value and profitability for companies of all sectors. Salesland drives a strong business growing beyond the crisis using advanced technologies and innovation. Now Saleland Call Center is one of the pioneers in the market to launch its own online videosales service. This advanced service is able to manage any kind of videocalls thru internet (dual videocall, single videocall or audio call only…). Salesland’s agents can provide realtime video call experience over the web to share realtime videos and discuss online with any customer or consumer. Salesland selects VXI* for video and online personal assistant services because it provides a flexible web videocall integration for all its contact center platforms and technicaly […]
September 19, 2012

I6NET marks 10 Years of Growing Success with IVR / IVVR

September 19th, 2012, Madrid, Spain. Today we celebrate 10 Years of I6NET company foundation. Our 10th Anniversary is a time to acknowledge our achievements of the past decade and recognize this is only the beginning of our journey within the Asterisk Telephony Revolution. We are very proud to  develop a product that is running in thousand of IVR / IVVR servers worldwide and for hundred of customers. Today, we have more and more corporations upgrading their legacy IVR to VXI* in order to get a faster interpreter evolution over a fexible open source telephony platform. Ten Years of VoiceXML for every business As VoiceXML has revolutionized the way companies develop, deploy and handle automated calls. Until the late 1990s, when the W3C took charge of VoiceXML, there wasn’t an open standard for speech applications. VoiceXML enabled companies to deploy speech-driven […]
March 1, 2012

Day 3 at #MWC 2012 …

More pictures from MWC 2012… Third Day, our team enjoying latest mobile sector innovations and visiting the congress! Link to Flikr:
February 28, 2012

Day 2 at #MWC 2012 … with our team

New pictures from MWC 2012… Second Day! Link to Flikr:
February 27, 2012

Great partnership meeting with Ivona TTS at #MWC

We had a great partnership meeting with Jakub from Ivona TTS, one of our Congress Partner at  MWC 2012 Barcelona.
February 27, 2012

Day 1 at #MWC 2012 … Redefining Mobile

More pictures from MWC 2012… First Day! Link to Flickr:
February 26, 2012

First pictures from Barcelona, #MWC …

Welcome to the Mobile World Congress 2012 at Barcelona! Today is the day of Exhibitors last booth preparation and tests… Our team was there to check all is OK for the next days events. Link to Flickr:  
February 22, 2012

Plataformas IVR VoiceXML para Asterisk – Spanish [Webinar]

Our last Avanzada7 Webinar’s Presentation in Spanish is now available on Slideshare: Plataformas IVR VoiceXML para Asterisk (Webinar) View more presentations from I6NET Table of contents: Slide 01: Título Slide 02: IVR = Teléfonía + Aplicaciones Slide 03: Nuestra Misión Slide 04: VXI* el Navegador VoiceXML para Asterisk Slide 05: El Equipo de I6NET Slide 06: Digium Partner desde 2007 Slide 07: Asterisk, la plataforma de telefonía abierta Slide 08: AGI/Dialplan Slide 09: El lenguaje estándar VoiceXML Slide 10: Cómo funciona un navegador VoiceXML vs Web Slide 11: Ejemplos de programas VoiceXML Slide 12: Arquitectura multi-tier Slide 13: Configuración multi-servidor Slide 14: Resumen de ventajas del VoiceXML Slide 15: Distribuciones Linux soportadas por VXI* Slide 16: Versiones de Asterisk soportadas 1.4, 1.6 1.8 Slide 17: Paquetes disponibles en 32-bit o 64-bit Slide 18: Fácil de actualizar con Asterisk Slide 19: […]
December 29, 2011

New I6NET’s Corporate Presentation 2012

Our new corporate presentation 2012 on Slideshare: I6NET Corporate Presentation 2012 View more presentations from I6NET Table of contents: Slide 01: Title Slide 02: Mission Slide 03: VXI* VoiceXML Browser Slide 04: Why Asterisk, The Open Source PBX Slide 05: Why VoiceXML Slide 06: 360º Voice & Video Solutions Slide 07: Management Team Slide 08: Partners and Customers Slide 09: Digium Partnership Slide 10: Support Slide 11: Datacenters Slide 12: Social Networks Slide 13: Thank you!