August 19, 2013

Switch to Multimedia Contact Center to improve Service Value

Beyond improving call productivity and quality of service, any Contact Center has to be ready for the next Internet evolution challenges with new multimedia channels. Of course, you have to continiously optimize all your processes and quality to get the best call productivity, but also you have to focus much more on adding innovation to increase your Service Value. Videocall and Webcall over the Internet is the next big feature to increase the service value for most Contact Centers and make their services really different against competitors. As you know in 2013, most users are often connected to Internet with their computers and mobile devices to get any online information about your company before purchasing products or services. It’s impossible to ignore it, and continue doing things like in the past. From any business website or online store, the most efficient […]
September 27, 2012

Salesland selects I6NET’s platforms to empower its new online videosales services

Salesland is a leading field marketing and contact center company. Through its business lines: Sales Force Management, POS and Telemarketing offers tailored solutions to support the outsourcing of services that add value and profitability for companies of all sectors. Salesland drives a strong business growing beyond the crisis using advanced technologies and innovation. Now Saleland Call Center is one of the pioneers in the market to launch its own online videosales service. This advanced service is able to manage any kind of videocalls thru internet (dual videocall, single videocall or audio call only…). Salesland’s agents can provide realtime video call experience over the web to share realtime videos and discuss online with any customer or consumer. Salesland selects VXI* for video and online personal assistant services because it provides a flexible web videocall integration for all its contact center platforms and technicaly […]
June 25, 2012

Spanish Red Cross unveils its Video Contact Center for Teleassistance #IVVR [video]

The Spanish Red Cross unveils the latest Video Contact Center for Teleassistance (called “Videoatención” in spanish) designed to help Seniors and develop domestic programs. This service represents a new evolution for contact centers rollouts over the years. Watch the online video at Red Cross TV [Spanish]: Today, Seniors are one of the most important community of people (350.000) supported by Red Cross in Spain, so it was very important to develop high-performance and advanced remote services. We are very proud about this project where our Video IVR (IVVR) technology integrated with the Altitude Software uCI Contact Center Solution helps healthcare and solidarity. Beyond the crisis, video calls provide a new high-tech evolution on Teleassistance with important benefits face-to-face communication, real-time evaluation, video-interactive tests and of course a significant cost reduction for healthcare. Some pictures about this service in production:
January 25, 2012

InsideCTI: The future of video in the contact center

We are pleased to share this very good article by John Stepp from InsideCTI about The Future of Video in the Contact Center. There’s very few contents about video contact centers but technology is ready for the next big thing for human communications and businesses. By John Stepp, InsideCTI When I was on the phone recently with my website provider, I really would have liked to have had a video connection. I am certain that I could have gotten more out of the call if it was video. At least it was a real time call and not through e-mail. The voice inflections gave me enough doubt to go ahead and pursue an alternate provider. Then again, video might have given my web site provider the ability to instill the confidence necessary for me not to pursue and alternative provider. […]
November 23, 2011

Presentation: Self-Services & Video Contact Centers / IP Multichannel Solutions for CC – Barcelona 2011

I6NET’s presentation in Spanish (by Ivan Sixto) at Multi-Channel IP Solutions for Contact Centers – Barcelona 2011 on Slideshare: Self-Services & Video Contact Centers IP View more presentations from I6NET Table of contents: Slide 01: Title Slide 02: Human-Machine dialog Slide 03: Voice Interface in new mobiles Slide 04: Telephony Self-Services Slide 05: Integration and Programming Slide 06: Voice Platforms for Businesses Slide 07: Voice & Video Platforms Slide 08: Video, the next evolution Slide 09: Social Networks and Internet Slide 10: A 360º Video Solution for Business Slide 11: SIP / H323 Devices Slide 12: PC Video Softphones Slide 13: 3G Videocalling Slide 14: Tablets and Smartphones Slide 15: Web/Flash Videocalling Slide 16: Video Transcoder IVVR Slide 17: Phone / Internet Slide 18: IP Convergence: Telephony / Web Slide 19: Phone / TV Slide 20: IP Convergence: Telephony / TV […]
October 13, 2011

Join us at next: Multi-Channel IP Solutions for Contact Centers – Palma de Mallorca 2011

RunSolutions, Altitude Software and I6NET are pleased to announce next event at Palma de Mallorca (Spain) an event about Multi-Channel IP Solutions for Contact Centers (CTI, IVR, IVVR, Asterisk, Videocalls, VoIP, Contact Centers, Open Source,…) Where/When:  October 20th, 2011 at 11h00 – 13h30  Palma de Mallorca (Spain), Cámara de Comercio – Calle Estudio General 7 Keynotes:  Jose Manuel Ceruelo, Presales Manager at Altitude Software  Iván Sixto, CEO and cofounder at I6NET  Antonio Martín-Posadillo, Founder at RunSolutions Contents:  Welcome message of RunSolutions and AEECCC  Altitude Software’s Keynote How to unify all customers’ channels in real time?  I6NET’s Keynote: Self-services and Advanced Video Communications  RunSolutions’ Keynote: Asterisk and Services  Coffee and Networking Sponsors:  AEECCC  Altitude Software  I6NET Solutions and Technologies  RunSolutions Please book your place at the event to avoid disappointment. Places are limited and fill up quick here. To register and […]
September 26, 2011

I6NET at next Voip2day 2011, the meeting point for the World of Voice and Video over IP in Spain

VoIP2DAY is born as point of meeting of the world of the IP Voice and Video in Spain. Join Iván Sixto, our CEO  at Altitude Software & I6NET’s conference to discover IP Video Contact Centers. To register for the event, please click here. Date: October 4, 2011 at 12h00 Location: IFEMA SIMO 2011, Madrid – Spain Where: Hall 7, Stand Voip2day Conference: Video Contact Centers IP Speakers: Eduardo Malpica / Iván Sixto Download: VoIP2Day Conference Schedule Day 1 More information:
June 18, 2011

Video: Altitude Software and I6NET Primavera Event – Video Contact Center Demo – Spanish

Primavera 2011 Altitude Software Event Date: April 12th, 2011 Ivan Sixto, CEO / Business Development Manager of I6NET, is talking about Contact Center (CC) new Business Oportunities with Video Call Center Services over Internet and Cloud Telephony evolution. YouTube (shortlink): More videos from Altitude Software: Speakers: Jose Manuel Ceruelo – Presales Manager at Alitude Software Ivan Sixto – CEO at I6NET Keynotes (Spanish): [download id=”126″ format=”1″ autop=”false”] : Realidad de los Video Contact Centers…  (Jose Manuel Ceruelo) [download id=”127″ format=”1″ autop=”false”] : Video Contact Centers, Retos y Aplicaciones… (Iván Sixto) [download id=”128″ format=”1″ autop=”false”] : Casos Prácticos y Demo (Iván Sixto) Link to Flickr:
March 25, 2010

I6NET at Altitude Software’s webinar: Contact Center Café

We wanted to send a quick note out and thank again all sponsors/organizers Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Altitude Software, AEECCC and everyone who registered for and attended yesterday’s Webinar on “Video Contact Centers and new channels (video, chat,…)” with our cofounder Ivan Sixto. For those who couldn’t see the webinar live, it was recorded and our partner Altitude Software will post all information about how to view it here as soon as it’s ready. More information: Sponsored by: Organized by:
October 15, 2008

Video Contact Center made easy with VoiceXML

VXI* VoiceXML browser for Asterisk PBX provides the ability to enhance your contact center with personalized interactive video 3G/IP communications for less Considering that Internet and 3G technology is highly used for every day to day communications, more and more people have access to real-time video communications through video-enabled handsets, web cameras and videophones in the office, at home and on the road. Imagine you had the ability to talk to your clients face to face connecting IP sofphones and 3G mobile phones. A simple Video Contact Center solution can be rapidly implemented with VXI* standalone software and an Asterisk server. No gateway is required, only TDM E1 cards to connect the 3G networks or only IP. VoiceXML allows you to have life transfer to softphones, video-on-hold videos, in addition to a complex self-service video IVR… Some features: Voice/Video call […]