September 16, 2011

New VXI* VoiceXML browser 6.2 released!

We very are pleased to present the 6.2 release ref. 2011-09-15 of our VXI* VoiceXML Browser for Asterisk. There’s improvements and new specific features that will provide you the best IVR / IVVR experience for your voice and video telephony projects. VXI* 6.2 is suitable for production platforms running with all latest Asterisk 1.4, 1.6, 1.8 kernels! (all Asterisk’s packages are available for download too). Many Linux OS Distributions versions available based on: Debian 6.0 Squeeze 32bit | 64bit Debian 5.0 Lenny 32bit | 64bit CentOs 5.4 32bit | 64bit You can download these new binary packages from this website for registered users. Powered by I6NET Software New features added and modifications: mod: Correction to support the Dial alternative without the tel: prefix. mod: Correction add a fixe maxspeechtimeout to extend the timeout. add: Option to execute a CLI command after the load (for chan_h323). add: Option to load a dynamic library (for chan_h323). […]
July 25, 2009

Skyfire a free web browser for mobiles phones including Flash 10

For the first time ever, on your phone, you can watch any flash video and browse the web using the full-featured PC versions of your favorite websites. With Skyfire, mobile browsing just works – speedy page loads, full video, images and audio. Skyfire is the only mobile browser that supports full Flash and Windows Media videos, including Flash 10 and Silverlight 2.0. Free mobile browser Windows Mobile and Nokia phones Why a flash mobile browser? Video softphones like ZMS for VXI* works fine on Skyfire using your Internet plan. What i can do with Skyfire? You can make IP videocalls using a web hosted telephony service. Where? Anywhere… using your 3G data plan. Start mobile video telephony with Flash 10…