March 10, 2012

Voice interactive classroom: best practices and design strategies [Research Paper]

We are pleased to reference a new research paper from the Department of Computer Science, University of Oviedo, Spain. This paper provides an insight into the process of developing comprehensive voice-enabled and interoperable learning services. It provides a background on the Voice Interactive Classroom, a service-oriented architecture that enables cross-platform multichannel access to Internet-based learning. Strategies and practices for designing, developing, documenting and evaluating service-oriented applications are also presented, which allow aural access to existing e-learning platforms. In addition, it’s summarise the development of four voice-enabled learning services and report the findings obtained from evaluating their usability and didactic effectiveness. This research is intended to facilitate students and practitioners with planning, implementing and evaluating their own solutions. This research paper proposes the use of a service-oriented approach, supported by the e-learning specifications IMS Abstract Framework and The Open Knowledge Initiative, […]