August 12, 2013

How to make calls over the web? #HTML5 #WebRTC #Flash #SIP #RTMP

One of the main questions and answers today about: What will be the future of making phone calls from any Web Browser? , , ,  , , … Most people who are reading tech news thinks that the future is already here, and HTML5 is a standard, which gives us possibility to create real-time audio/video communications () in desktop or mobile devices. Unfortunately, it’s not true. Let’s talk about what is real. [dt_divider style=”double-gap”/] [dt_divider style=”double-gap”/] [dt_divider style=”narrow”/] One more thing…? [dt_divider style=”narrow”/] Some other articles you may read: Flasphoner: Do you think HTML5-WebRTC Phone Ready? not yet WebRTC, SIP and HTML5 brief introduction WebRTC Browser communications standard has serveral hurdles clear Interview w3c retour enjeux WebRTC Formtek/blog: WebRTC to Enable Peer-to-Peer Browser Communications [dt_divider style=”narrow”/]  
June 12, 2010

sipdroid, a native Video SIP/VoIP client for Android

SIPDroid adds native SIP/VoIP to Android‘s dialer/contacts. Make and receive video calls over Wifi, 3G, and EDGE with perfect voice quality and lowest delay. That’s a good option to access to a VXI* Interactive Voice & Video Response (IVVR) Service. Video Demo: Link to Youtube: More information:
September 21, 2009

Voxbone and I6NET Complete Interoperability Test for 3G Video-to-Mobile-Phone Services

Voxbone’s Call Origination Services Certified to Work With I6NET VXI* IVVR 3G Video Telephony Solutions BRUSSELS, Belgium and MADRID, Spain – Sept. 21, 2009 – Voxbone, a leading provider of international VoIP origination services and DID (direct inward dialed) numbers, and I6NET, a global software vendor for interactive voice and video software platforms, today announced completion of interoperability testing between their offerings.  The successful teaming of the partners’ services and platform opens up the potential for wireless carriers to bring mobile video services to market quickly. The success of their test proved that calls from 3G mobile phones to Voxbone DIDs can retrieve and play chosen video content through I6NET’s voice and video browser, using a wireless voice channel. The teamed technology does not require the caller to have a data plan, or to download any software. In the application tested, […]
April 8, 2009

I6NET and Innosystems announce interoperability between Zingaya – Flashphone and VXI* VoiceXML browser for Asterisk.

I6NET is please to announce that VXI* VoiceXML browser for Asterisk is interoperable with Zingaya MediaServer – Flashphone – DMZ. The softphone client from InnoSystems acts as a SIP sofphone complementary software for VXI*. The two interoperable products offer a dependable peer-to-peer and peer-to-anyone phone videocall solution to IP/3G service providers, helping them serve their customers better. Boths products are now able to provide most advanced real time video services thru 3G/IP technology.  VXI* and Zingaya / Flaphone is today a very powerful combination that can be offered both as complete solution for video callcenter, video selfservices, … The “call via Web site” solution, with Flashphone is powered by InnoSystems’ Zingaya Media Server VoIP gateway and the Video 3G/IP Service by VXI* using the VoiceXML language to define any advanced voice or video XML applications. This solution allows low-cost Web/SIP/3G […]