August 20, 2010

How to send SMS Text Messages using VoiceXML

Many IVR phone services require to send users a SMS Text Message for a reminder note, ticket or any appointement information… VoiceXML is an open standard XML language so you can work with any kind of HTTP gateway interface with PHP, JSP, ASP,… and you can easily modify this example according to your carrier parameters and own service requirements. Our example, is using a JSP script from any SMS provider: Parameters: Request: extern:http  URL http://<your gateway IP>/…/sendsms.jsp User: Your User’s Account Password: Your User’s Password To: Destination Phone Number (country code + PSTN number) From: Sender Phone Number Type: Text Message type digit, MMS, SMS,… Msg: Content for your Text Message Wapurl: If you need to include a WAP URL VoiceXML Code: That’s it! You now have a working SMS script in its simplest form.