May 25, 2009

The City hall of Avila presents its Voice Portal at next Admira Congress 2009

Valladolid, Spain 2009 The City hall of Avila will present at the Admira Congress its Voice Portal project, an innovative, effective phone self-service directed to improve the citizen care  using best of  bread voice communications interfaces and through Internet developed by AMBISER with the VXI* VoiceXML browser technology of I6NET. Admira Congress, will show last Products and Services for the Innovation and Modernization of the Public administrations, and will take place from May 28 until May 30 in the Fair of Valladolid (Spain). Link:
February 27, 2008

VoiceObjects Developer Portal for I6NET IVR platforms

I6NET says welcome to the VoiceObjects Developer Portal from our partner VoiceObjects! The Developer Edition standard installation consists of all files including VoiceObjects Desktop for Eclipse, the Eclipse development environment to create VoiceXML applications for I6NET VXI* IVR platforms with Java JDK, additional required components and the complete Prime Insurance demo including the audio resources. In these pages you will get: free access to the VoiceObjects Developer Edition information on installing and using VoiceObjects access to free e-mail support for registered developers free tutorials and information and more For those of you new to VoiceObjects, you may wish to visit the VoiceObjects website: