June 16, 2011

Success Story: Valdepeñas’s City Voice Portal powered by VXI*

June 9th, 2011, Madrid, Spain. Valdepeñas is well known to produce one of the most famous spanish red vines from Castilla-La Mancha. This city has deployed a large innovative auto-attendant service for all its citizen to improve information and many public administration processes. Citizens can now get faster information 24×7, real time feedback, and manage better all their requirements to the Valdepeñas City Government just using their phone. Some key features are: Get information status for citizen’s requests Claims and suggestions management Sports facilities booking Appointment management Information Listing City news Emergency calls Polls management Ambiser has implemented SACVoz a set of VoiceXML applications integrated with the city government backoffice systems. SACVoz is running over Asterisk servers powered by VXI* VoiceXML browser from I6NET.   Spanish press release: Portal de Voz de Atención Ciudadana del Ayuntamiento de Valdepeñas El Ayuntamiento […]
March 15, 2011

Voice over IP Event at Avila

Where/When: Ávila (Spain) – Auditorio Municipal San Francisco March 21th, 2011 at 9h30 – 13h00 Keynotes: Juan Ignacio Cabrera (Avanzada7) Alberto Sagredo (Avanzada7) José Manuel Hinojosa (Ambiser) Iván Sixto (I6NET) José Manuel Izquierdo (Ayto de Ávila) Contents: Voice over IP Beneficts and Cost Reduction, PBX solutions Asterisk, the Open Source PBX for the Public Sector Voice over IP  for Citizens’ Services Improvements System Integration with other technologies Voice Portals for the Public Sector Business Cases
May 28, 2010

VXI* Links demo: Turism Audio Guide 010220#

You can call Turism Audio Guide service (ES Spanish) coded in VoiceXML using Skype ID: or PSTN number: +34 911 140 670 then you can enter the code 010220+# To browse in this voice portal use these codes: 12340000 Cordoba Menu (Andalucia) 12340001 Cordoba Part 1 12340002 Cordoba Part 2 12340003 Cordoba Part 3 12340004 Cordoba Part 4 You can call using Skype clicking on this icon: You can select other demos at :
June 30, 2009

Planning to upgrade your IVR?

According to the recent Forrester Enterprise And SMB Networks And Telecommunications Survey, North America And Europe, Q1 2009, 32% of the 279 network and telecommunications managers surveyed indicated they planned to upgrade their IVR in the next 12 months. Before a decision is made, companies need to consider their options for upgrading their IVR and compare the differences between premise based and network based voice portals. Voice portals are standard based platforms that support multiple speech or touch tone applications. Forrester’s survey indicates 22% of companies plan to add speech applications this year to improve automation of customer transactions and provide better customer service. Look For the Solution That Best Fits Your Business Network based services provide a means to support advanced applications from a carrier’s network. The benefits of network based services are flexible OPEX pricing and faster time […]