August 19, 2013

Switch to Multimedia Contact Center to improve Service Value

Beyond improving call productivity and quality of service, any Contact Center has to be ready for the next Internet evolution challenges with new multimedia channels. Of course, you have to continiously optimize all your processes and quality to get the best call productivity, but also you have to focus much more on adding innovation to increase your Service Value. Videocall and Webcall over the Internet is the next big feature to increase the service value for most Contact Centers and make their services really different against competitors. As you know in 2013, most users are often connected to Internet with their computers and mobile devices to get any online information about your company before purchasing products or services. It’s impossible to ignore it, and continue doing things like in the past. From any business website or online store, the most efficient […]
June 5, 2013

Video-enabled Contact Center [Video]

[framed_video column=”two-thirds”][/framed_video] Link: Subtitles: English French Spanish