January 9, 2012

New Linux Distributions update [CentOS 6] for all VXI* Packages

Entering 2012, we are please to announce a new important packaging update of the VXI* VoiceXML browser 6.3 release. First, we will provide more packages for most Linux OS kernels, base on Linux Debian and CentOS/Redhat distributions. Now, you can install VXI* on latest CentOS 6.0, 6.1, 6.2 kernels both 32bit or 64bit. By the way, the previous packages for CentOS 5 have been updated too. Download all our packages: Debian 6.0 Squeeze 32bit | 64bit Debian 5.0 Lenny 32bit | 64bit CentOs 6.0-6.2 32bit | 64bit CentOs 5.4-5.7 32bit | 64bit More information: