September 15, 2008

VXI* 3G videocall demo with Lumenvox’s ASR

 Video: Create amazing voice & video driven applications for 3G phone networks with VXI* 3.1 VoiceXML browser and Lumenvox Speech Engine (ASR) becomes something very simple. Find here a short video demo, where an video interactive character tells you to say numbers and then repeat you the recognized ones. This VoiceXML example use different advanced VXI* features like: Play 3GP video clips with Text-to-Speech (TTS) Lumenvox Speech Recognition (ASR) inside connector Text-to-Video (TTV) to show the result in the display Download the source code: [dm]48[/dm] Powered by I6NET Software Keep it simple! Thanks.
April 5, 2008

Text-to-Video (TTV) for VXI* VoiceXML browser

TTV convert text to video and voice with a standard VoiceXML syntax. Using this complementary feature for TTS, your VXI* interactive applications can now push a text to the phone display. With TTV, it’s possible to implement very easily a new dimension of mobile video services; for example, text added information retrieved from a database or web pages and IVVR applications allows users to read and listen information at the same time. TTV is available in last VXI* 3.0 release for video SIP / 3G services.