November 27, 2012

XCally integrates a VXML channel for Vxi*

We are proud to announce the fully integration with XCally, call center suite for Asterisk developed by XeniaLab, and  Vxi* VoiceXML Browser in order to provide IVVR (Interactive Voice & Video Response) and Web call enabled applications. xCALLY is a turnkey Customer Care Suite solution fully integrated with the Asterisk. The xCALLY suite is an amazing and complete multi-channel solution for Inbound, Outbound and Blended Contact Centers. [framed_video column=”two-thirds”][/framed_video] Video Source: Vxi* can work on the same Xcally server to provide many advanced new features like: Video calling over SIP, H323, 3G-324m, RTMP (prompt and record) Fax over VoiceXML TTS (Text-to-Speech) connectors ASR (Automatic-Speech-Recognition) connectors MRCP v1 and v2 Client for ASR (multi-grammar enabled) Text-to-Video (TTV) with HTTP connector [dt_divider style=”double-gap”/] About xCALLY xCALLY is a full call center suite, developed by Xenialab, providing each agent position with a flexible […]