September 2, 2009

VXI* VoiceXML browser, best IVR / IVVR configurations requested by users

I6NET: VXI VoiceXML IVR/IVVR configuration survey 2009 VXI* VoiceXML browser users are looking for very different configurations for their IVR / IVVR projects. Today, Voice IVR demand represent 71% of our project requests and video IVR (IVVR) only 29%. This is a great new, because today telephony is not only voice oriented and we are very please to help growing this new market too. Concerning Speech Recognition and DTMF, both are requested by 50% of users but the total ports using an ASR engine represent only  15% of the total ports sold. Today DTMF, keep 85% of applications powered by VXI* in a global market. Text-to-Speech is chosen by 64% of customers, because our product is very near to Asterisk first choices are for Flite and Cepstral, but advanced TTS engines are used in near to 60% ports sold. Voice […]