January 26, 2012

I6NET, Let’s talk about our products with Avanzada7 [Webinar]

We are pleased to announce a next Webinar event with our partner Avanzada7 to talk about all our products suite, last updates, and all advantages and benefits on working with VoiceXML over Asterisk servers. This Webinar is a new way to discover our products sharing questions and comments with our product’s manager in short keynote of 30 min duration. Please register here: When: Title: “VXI*, Plataformas IVR / VoiceXML para Asterisk con I6NET” Wednesday February 1, 2012 at 4:00pm (CET Europe/Madrid) Language: Spanish (ES) Duration 30 min Contents: Introduction to I6NET Why Asterisk and VoiceXML? VXI* VoiceXML browser for Asterisk Software Extensions Cloud-Ready Telephony IVR Packages for Avanzada7 Online Store Space is limited, reserve your webinar here!
January 10, 2012

New VXI* VoiceXML browser Presentation 2012

Our new VXI* VoiceXML browser presentation 2012 on Slideshare: I6NET VXI* VoiceXML Brower 2012 View more presentations from I6NET Table of contents: Slide 01: Title Slide 02: VXI* About… Slide 03: Why VoiceXML Slide 04: VXI* Linux Packages Slide 05: VXI* 32bit/64bit Slide 06: Asterisk 1.4, 1.6, 1.8 Slide 07: VXI* Update/Upgrade Slide 08: Hardware Servers Slide 09: Asterisk Telephony boards Slide 10: VXI* Cloud-Ready Slide 11: Xtras* Software Extensions Slide 12: Xtras* Text-to-Speech Slide 13: Xtras* Automatic-Speech-Recognition Slide 14: Xtras* MRCP Client Slide 15: Xtras* Outbound Dialer Slide 16: Xtras* Video IP/3G Slide 17: Xtras* Flash/RTMP Server Channel Slide 18: Xtras* Call Recorder MP4 Slide 19: Xtras* IP Cameras RTSP Slide 20: 5 years of VXI* since 2006 Slide 21: Thank you!
January 3, 2012

Meet us at next Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2012

I6NET will be present at next GSM Mobile World Congress (formely 3GSM World Congress) Barcelona, 27 February – 1 March 2012, at French Pavilion UbiFrance on Hall 2, Booth 2F49. The venue for Mobile World Congress, is located in Fira Montjuïc the centre of Barcelona: Fira de Barcelona Avinguda Reina Maria Cristina, s/n 08004 Barcelona (Spain) To meet us, please send an email and select our company I6NET at ULEX‘s booth for a meeting during the congress with our managers. About 3GSM Mobile World Congress The GSMA Mobile World Congress (formerly 3GSM World Congress) combines the world’s largest exhibition for the mobile industry with a stimulating and insightful congress that brings together prominent leaders and personalities from mobile operators and equipment vendors, as well as Internet and entertainment professionals. The 2012 Mobile World Congress – Barcelona is expected to attract approximately 50,000 attendees and 1.400 […]
December 29, 2011

New I6NET’s Corporate Presentation 2012

Our new corporate presentation 2012 on Slideshare: I6NET Corporate Presentation 2012 View more presentations from I6NET Table of contents: Slide 01: Title Slide 02: Mission Slide 03: VXI* VoiceXML Browser Slide 04: Why Asterisk, The Open Source PBX Slide 05: Why VoiceXML Slide 06: 360º Voice & Video Solutions Slide 07: Management Team Slide 08: Partners and Customers Slide 09: Digium Partnership Slide 10: Support Slide 11: Datacenters Slide 12: Social Networks Slide 13: Thank you!
December 14, 2011

Avanzada7’s online store offers new VXI* Software Packs for the Iberian Market

I6NET and Avanzada7 are business partners since 2008 providing many value added services and products for Asterisk’s platforms. Avanzada7’s online store is leading VoIP and Open Source Telephony products distribution in Spain, now offers VXI* software to deliver advanced IVR solutions for Asterisk powered by the VoiceXML open standard. The online store is expected to be of particular value to spanish and portuguese’s VAR’s who seek the convenience of online retailing for their projects’ needs. More information:
December 8, 2011

Web Phone Video Call Demo – Spanish [Video]

VOIP2DAY 2011 Madrid Event: Altitude Software – I6NET Conference Date: October 4, 2011 Ivan Sixto, CEO / Business Development Manager of I6NET, is showing our latest Web Phone Software over Internet. This video is a real demo of the latest I6NET’s web phone technology to make easily video calls over the web and create video contact center services. The main component is the Flash/RTMP Server Channel for VXI*, to add a web phone service on any web page (flash editable and customizable). With this software, you can make voice/video calls over the web and connect your online shop or corporate pages to your contact center agents. YouTube (shortlink): More videos from Altitude Software: More information: Altitude – I6NET’s conference at VoIP2DaY 2011 [Video]
November 23, 2011

Presentation: Self-Services & Video Contact Centers / IP Multichannel Solutions for CC – Barcelona 2011

I6NET’s presentation in Spanish (by Ivan Sixto) at Multi-Channel IP Solutions for Contact Centers – Barcelona 2011 on Slideshare: Self-Services & Video Contact Centers IP View more presentations from I6NET Table of contents: Slide 01: Title Slide 02: Human-Machine dialog Slide 03: Voice Interface in new mobiles Slide 04: Telephony Self-Services Slide 05: Integration and Programming Slide 06: Voice Platforms for Businesses Slide 07: Voice & Video Platforms Slide 08: Video, the next evolution Slide 09: Social Networks and Internet Slide 10: A 360º Video Solution for Business Slide 11: SIP / H323 Devices Slide 12: PC Video Softphones Slide 13: 3G Videocalling Slide 14: Tablets and Smartphones Slide 15: Web/Flash Videocalling Slide 16: Video Transcoder IVVR Slide 17: Phone / Internet Slide 18: IP Convergence: Telephony / Web Slide 19: Phone / TV Slide 20: IP Convergence: Telephony / TV […]
November 11, 2011

Some pictures from Multi-Channel IP Solutions 2011 Barcelona!

We hope you will enjoy these pictures of the Multi-Channel IP Solutions greatest event at Barcelona with our partners Altitude Software, Runsolutions and AEECCC collaboration. We would like to thank each and every one of our customers and partners who attended this event. See you again very soon! Link to Flickr:
October 27, 2011

Video: Altitude – I6NET’s conference at VoIP2DaY 2011

Please find here our video conference at Madrid (Spain) VoIP2DaY, past October 4th with Eduardo Malpilca Presales Manager at Altitude Software and Ivan Sixto, CEO at I6NET talking about the last evolution of “Video Contact Center IP″ (Spanish). Video source (Flash): Video: I6NET-Alitude-VoIP2DaY-2011 Keynote Document: [download id=”141″ format=”1″ autop=”false”] (5,4 Mb) VoIP2DaY Website: Video: I6NET’s conference at VoIP2DaY 2011 Other Posts: Video: I6NET’s conference at VoIP2DaY 2009 Video: I6NET’s conference at VoIP2DaY 2010
October 25, 2011

Join us at next: Multi-Channel IP Solutions for Contact Centers – Barcelona 2011

RunSolutions, Altitude Software and I6NET are pleased to announce next event at Barcelona (Spain) an event about Multi-Channel IP Solutions for Contact Centers (CTI, IVR, IVVR, Asterisk, Videocalls, VoIP, Contact Centers, Open Source,…) Where/When:  November 10th, 2011 at 11h00 – 13h30  Barcelona (Spain), Hotel Diagonal Zero – Plaça de Llevant Keynotes:  Jose Manuel Ceruelo, Presales Manager at Altitude Software  Iván Sixto, CEO and cofounder at I6NET  Antonio Martín-Posadillo, Founder at RunSolutions Contents:  Welcome message of RunSolutions and AEECCC  Altitude Software’s Keynote How to unify all customers’ channels in real time?  I6NET’s Keynote: Self-services and Advanced Video Communications  RunSolutions’ Keynote: Asterisk and Services  Coffee and Networking Sponsors:  AEECCC  Altitude Software  I6NET Solutions and Technologies  RunSolutions Please book your place at the event to avoid disappointment. Places are limited and fill up quick here. To register and more información click here.