June 29, 2009

Our datacenters: Best Telecom knowledge and top Carrier conditions for I6NET VXI* IVR / IVVR servers

I6NET manages and maintains one of the most redundant IVR / IVVR datacenters in Spain on Interxion and VerizonBusiness sites. We have combined our knowledge with the knowledge of top telecom engineers from VerizonBusiness, Interxion, Voztelecom, Ono, Infratech to create very high carrier conditions. Located in the 1st and 2nd largest Carrier Hotel in Madrid / Spain to be connected to European large operators IP/3G networks. Our racks are used by Carriers providing us with a link to the primary Internet and PSTN – SIP/TDM interconnection points for USA, America, Europe, Asia and provides many amenities not available in other facilities. By investing in top of the line infrastructure, power conditioning and backup, cooling systems, fire protection and connectivity, I6NET can give your colocations VXI* servers the home they have always wanted for best IVR / IVVR services. More information: […]
June 25, 2009

DAVI Interactive launches with I6NET new videocall Customer Service solutions for 3G mobiles

The combination of the I6NET  high-performance and open standards VXI* VoiceXML browser for Asterisk with DAVI’s interactive solutions brings the most cutting edge mobile solutions to the automated Customer Service market. DAVI implements B2C / B2B  solutions that allows clients to offer better customer service at lower cost. Now I6NET and DAVI make possible to offer the best combination of video telephony and artificial characters in the best service channel for each customer situation. DAVI is currently using I6NET’s VXI* Platform for the development of their voice and video solutions. Both companies have a strong collaboration and works sharing their better tools. For example,  Greetings Actors is a 3G videocall service to send video message with your voice and  DAVI’s animated characters. Many others amazing services developments are in-progress using both DAVI’s animation engines and I6NET VXI* IVVR platforms for […]
April 20, 2009

3G FACTORY™ and I6NET unveils their common video calling solutions

France – Spain, April 20th, 2009 – I6NET provider of 3G/IP IVR / IVVR VoiceXML communications components and 3G FACTORY™, the innovative french company that leads 3G video applications market, have successfully integrated their solution. The VXI* VoiceXML browser gives the ability to rapidly develop and deploy innovative voice and video applications via IP, PSTN, and 3G-324M networks. VXI* is fully compliant with the W3C’s VoiceXML 2.0+ specification and is integrated with automatic speech recognition and text-to-speech software to enable advanced voice and video solutions, and real-time video calling applications. The 3G FACTORY VISIODIOTEL™ service, which made it possible to launch interactive video services such as friendship sites, information portals, video blogs, image transmission sites, distance voting, tourist information services, etc. now comes complete with solutions for automatic payment, such as Credit Cards, SMS+, Scratch Card, etc. After two successful years, […]
March 24, 2009

Redfone and I6NET Partner to Bring High Availability to IVR/IVVR platforms powered by VXI* VoiceXML product

Madrid, Spain- March 24, 2009 – I6NET, developer of the first official native integration between the popular open source Asterisk® telephony engine and VoiceXML, the most advanced voice and video application’s standard language, announces full interoperability and certification with Redfone Communications line of foneBRIDGE2 products. Combined, these building blocks can now allow customers to develop fault tolerant, highly available and scalable IVR /IVVR architectures, leveraging low cost open source software and standards based VoiceXML formatting. Download FREE Case Study: [download id=”40″] foneBRIDGE2 Overview foneBRIDGE2 is a T1/E1 PRI-to-Ethernet Bridge. It is an integrated black-box “appliance” designed to streamline installation and enable redundant design of Asterisk based VoIP systems. foneBRIDGE2 eliminates the need to install proprietary TDM hardware cards in approved/compatible server configurations. Instead, foneBRIDGE2 terminates T1/E1 PRI lines on the trunk side and provides direct Ethernet communication to a network of Asterisk serversusing […]
January 20, 2009

New VXI* VoiceXML browser 4.0 released!

The final VXI* VoiceXML browser 4.0 “Yalla” ref. 2009-01-19 32bit/64bit is now released with it’s coming with a new reviewed documentation!. These new release is suitable for production platforms running with all lastest Asterisk 1.4 and 1.6 kernels. Overall the response so far this new release is the major change made to our IVR/IVVR VoiceXML browser product since its creation; important features have been added to new video functions, programming options, logs/stats reporting and a new update for our automatic speech recognition engines (ASR) connector. Stay tuned to the blog to keep up to date on our progress or check out one of our nightly builds and see for yourself! You can download these new packages from this website for registered users. Powered by I6NET Software New features added: add: Modules for each Asterisk releases (1.4, 1.6 and later) add: […]
December 2, 2008

3G technology at HomSEC congress

We are please to show some pictures from HomSEC 2008 at Madrid. Thanks to AMPER to show 3G innovation in security and telecom with video IVR services. HomSec is the Trade Fair specifically devoted to the application of technology for the Security and Protection of the National Territory and Society (Homeland Security). Link to Flickr:
November 29, 2008

AMPER exhibit video IVR at HomSEC congress

Spain, Madrid – December 1th, 2008 Our  partner AMPER, one of the main Spanish providers of communications solutions for civil and military applications and of military radio communications and command and control systems will exhibit at: HomSEC Date: December 1-4, 2008 Location: Pavellón 12 IFEMA Madrid (Spain) Booth: AMPER Discover 3G video IVR services provided with I6NET / AMPER. Please visit us at AMPER’s booth! More information:
November 14, 2008

I6NET and CELUDAN partner to provide 3G Builder for VXI* over Asterisk platforms

I6NET and CELUDAN today announced a marketing and technology partnership to develop and increase the penetration of integrated video 3G services. Spain, Madrid – November 10th, 2008 – I6NET provider of 3G/IP IVR / IVVR VoiceXML communications components for Asterisk, and CELUDAN Technologies, offering 3G RAD – Rapid Application Development Tools today announced a marketing and technology partnership aimed at increasing the penetration of integrated video 3G services. The I6NET-CELUDAN partnership will offer a complete out-of-the-box advanced multimedia platform targeted for Service Providers and ASPs. It will be designed to help enable the rapid development and deployment of advanced interactive video services. This services platform will be based on the integration of VXI* Interactive Video VoiceXML browser for Asterisk with 3G Builder.  Interactive video portals, mobile video conferencing, mobile communities, moderated video chats, participation TV, mobile video surveillance and monitoring, […]
November 7, 2008

I6NET and InfoSpeech develop automatic web to phone survey services

Madrid, November 7, 2008 – I6NET and InfoSpeech announced today their partnership to accelerate the adoption of VoiceXML solutions based on Asterisk and the VXI* interpreter by I6NET. This partnership will focus on VoiceXML Professional Services and web to phone services powered by InfoSpeech. “Our most demanded and successful service,, based on creation, launch and follow up of automatic phone surveys from a web application, has been issued thanks to the close integration of VXI* and internet technologies. Using Asterisk PBX as a platform provides reliability at a very competitive price. I6NET becomes in this way an strategic partner for InfoSpeech to develop the business of this solution and Video IVR applications.”, said Antonio Gálvez, CEO at InfoSpeech “InfoSpeech have a strong VoiceXML expert team that knows very well call centers business needs about IVR programming and voices self-services […]
November 5, 2008

Combination of Alivox and I6NET technologies enable multilingual voice and video response platforms for IP/3G telephony

Edinburgh, UK and Madrid, Spain, November 5, 2008 — Alivox Ltd, a leading provider of automated language and accent identification software, and I6NET, a company specialising in Interactive Voice and Video Response (IVVR) technologies, announce a working partnership that will benefit next generation IP/3G telephony applications. I6NET’s IVVR solutions combine the simplicity of traditional voice response with the advanced video capabilities offered by 3G handsets and SIP telephones, adding a new personalised dimension to voice-only calls and dramatically enhancing user experience. Alivox’s ALiS (Automatic Language Identification System) brings a new dimension to I6NET’s IVVR capabilities, enabling rapid multilingual response, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction and greatly reducing costs. ALiS can identify the language of an inbound caller in just three seconds – the call can then be immediately routed to I6NET’s platform. David Chisholm, Director of Business Development at Alivox Ltd […]