September 19, 2012

I6NET marks 10 Years of Growing Success with IVR / IVVR

September 19th, 2012, Madrid, Spain. Today we celebrate 10 Years of I6NET company foundation. Our 10th Anniversary is a time to acknowledge our achievements of the past decade and recognize this is only the beginning of our journey within the Asterisk Telephony Revolution. We are very proud to  develop a product that is running in thousand of IVR / IVVR servers worldwide and for hundred of customers. Today, we have more and more corporations upgrading their legacy IVR to VXI* in order to get a faster interpreter evolution over a fexible open source telephony platform. Ten Years of VoiceXML for every business As VoiceXML has revolutionized the way companies develop, deploy and handle automated calls. Until the late 1990s, when the W3C took charge of VoiceXML, there wasn’t an open standard for speech applications. VoiceXML enabled companies to deploy speech-driven […]
July 3, 2012

Professional VoiceOver for your IVR / IVVR

An Interactive Voice and Video Response System requires hi-quality voice prompts for the best user experience. This Voice Over Studio service is based on an online form to order and mange easily your IVR prompts recording. Our team of voice talents delivers you an optimized for exceptionally smooth playback over a phone system. Select your language, a voice, write your text prompts, select an audio format, add any translation and confirm your purchase in different languages. Source: Go to our new voiceover website!
March 10, 2012

Voice interactive classroom: best practices and design strategies [Research Paper]

We are pleased to reference a new research paper from the Department of Computer Science, University of Oviedo, Spain. This paper provides an insight into the process of developing comprehensive voice-enabled and interoperable learning services. It provides a background on the Voice Interactive Classroom, a service-oriented architecture that enables cross-platform multichannel access to Internet-based learning. Strategies and practices for designing, developing, documenting and evaluating service-oriented applications are also presented, which allow aural access to existing e-learning platforms. In addition, it’s summarise the development of four voice-enabled learning services and report the findings obtained from evaluating their usability and didactic effectiveness. This research is intended to facilitate students and practitioners with planning, implementing and evaluating their own solutions. This research paper proposes the use of a service-oriented approach, supported by the e-learning specifications IMS Abstract Framework and The Open Knowledge Initiative, […]
December 22, 2011

Season’s Greetings: Merry Christmas!

November 22, 2011

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October 8, 2011

Since 2006… Five years of VXI*!

Five years ago in 2006, the first public 1.4 beta of VXI* VoiceXML Browser launched, and in our blog post today we celebrate with “Five Years of VXI*”. There are  more than 200 customers worldwide with production’s services, 3000 registred users, developers, students… VXI* can be deployed to replace traditional IVR platforms from small businesses to large corporations’ projects requirements. Over these years, VXI* has matured with Asterisk’s evolution and adding hundred of amazing features to an IVR like Video, Flash, Dialers and a large selection of TTS/ASR free or commercial engines. Happy 5th Birthday, VXI*! We are looking forward to seeing where the next 5 years take you! Timeline summary: 2006 2006-09: VXI* 1.4 released! – Launched as Beta… for Asterisk 1.2… 2006-11: VXI* 1.5 released! – Asterisk 1.4 and NOW supported! 2007 2007-03: VXI* 2.0 released! – More […]
September 12, 2011

One-Time-Password (OTP) for IVR Transactions

A one-time password (OTP) is a password that is valid for only one login session or transaction. OTPs avoid a number of shortcomings that are associated with traditional (static) passwords. The most important shortcoming that is addressed by OTPs is that, in contrast to static passwords, they are not vulnerable to replay attacks. This means that, if a potential intruder manages to record an OTP that was already used to log into a service or to conduct a payment or any other secure transaction, he or she will not be able to abuse it since it will be no longer valid. Manage a OTP service with an IVR powered by VoiceXML like VXI* is really easier, allowing a dynamic programing to connect any backoffice system. What is an IVR transaction with OTP? IVR + OTP (interactive voice response) transactions are […]
March 9, 2011

Improve your Phone System with IVR, voice and video calling apps to make your business more productive

Very good post from Angie Reed, Product Marketing Manager at Digium talking about how users and entreprises are always looking for better Communication Solutions. Smart Phones are user-centric devices but Businesses require better Phone Systems. That’s right, that most technology users want immediate access to information – a single device for my camera, music (MP3 Player), GPS, email and, of course a phone. A smart phone is that powerfully useful tool that makes life easier. So, for better or worse, they are willing to incur the sunk cost associated with changing cell phones frequently just to gain the latest features and capabilities. Then, is it really a surprise that businesses want to improve their communications too? Like the mobile phone, users want a single interface to access their phone calls, their associated emails, presence, chat, CRM systems, caller location services […]
February 16, 2011

VUI Cloud: Improve the performance of your voice applications

At I6NET we are pleased to talk about new complementary services and tools to improve your IVR and Business Objectives. A good Voice User Interface design and call optimization are some of the key factors required to be successful with your VXI* platform rollouts.  That requires more than technology…. of course. VUI Cloud ( is a call optimization service delivered through the Web that improves the caller experience and helps you get better results from your voice applications. The service allows you to add personalization, reduce costs, adapt to individual callers in real time, adjust audio playback speeds (Words Per Minute spoken) and caller response timeouts on the fly, optimize the caller experience and get advice from leading Voice User Interface design experts. It also allows you to quickly learn where and why your callers are opting out with behavioral […]
January 11, 2011

New Mobile Browsing theme for our Blog

Now, our website displays an application-style theme when viewed from an iPhone, iPod touch, Android, Opera Mini, Palm Pre, Samsung touch and BlackBerry Storm/Torch mobile devices. Mobile Browsing makes reading faster for all our blog’s posts from any mobile social network like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin… Try it now from your mobile phone!