December 29, 2008

I6NET and Verbio add TTS/ASR technology to Asterisk platforms with VXI* VoiceXML browser connector

Barcelona, Madrid, Spain – December 28th, 2008, Verbio speech technology provider, and I6NET, provider of IVR/IVVR IP/3G telephony solutions for Asterisk, today announced a new update for their integration of Verbio – VXI* VoiceXML browser for Asterisk platforms. VXI* use an hi-optimized integration with Asterisk that provides to Verbio advanced integration for speech engines, including protocol conversion, SSML, media conversion and streaming, application logic and third party integration. It supports industry standards for and is compatible with all devices supported by Asterisk.  “Verbio has a near collaboration with I6NET, because they are very close to Iberian and Hispanic market that needs voices and languages both for TTS and ASR components for our VXI* VoiceXML browser for Asterisk; it’s very important for our solutions to work well with Verbio local voices, where they have their expertise” says Iván Sixto, CEO and Business […]
November 14, 2008

I6NET and CELUDAN partner to provide 3G Builder for VXI* over Asterisk platforms

I6NET and CELUDAN today announced a marketing and technology partnership to develop and increase the penetration of integrated video 3G services. Spain, Madrid – November 10th, 2008 – I6NET provider of 3G/IP IVR / IVVR VoiceXML communications components for Asterisk, and CELUDAN Technologies, offering 3G RAD – Rapid Application Development Tools today announced a marketing and technology partnership aimed at increasing the penetration of integrated video 3G services. The I6NET-CELUDAN partnership will offer a complete out-of-the-box advanced multimedia platform targeted for Service Providers and ASPs. It will be designed to help enable the rapid development and deployment of advanced interactive video services. This services platform will be based on the integration of VXI* Interactive Video VoiceXML browser for Asterisk with 3G Builder.  Interactive video portals, mobile video conferencing, mobile communities, moderated video chats, participation TV, mobile video surveillance and monitoring, […]
November 7, 2008

I6NET and InfoSpeech develop automatic web to phone survey services

Madrid, November 7, 2008 – I6NET and InfoSpeech announced today their partnership to accelerate the adoption of VoiceXML solutions based on Asterisk and the VXI* interpreter by I6NET. This partnership will focus on VoiceXML Professional Services and web to phone services powered by InfoSpeech. “Our most demanded and successful service,, based on creation, launch and follow up of automatic phone surveys from a web application, has been issued thanks to the close integration of VXI* and internet technologies. Using Asterisk PBX as a platform provides reliability at a very competitive price. I6NET becomes in this way an strategic partner for InfoSpeech to develop the business of this solution and Video IVR applications.”, said Antonio Gálvez, CEO at InfoSpeech “InfoSpeech have a strong VoiceXML expert team that knows very well call centers business needs about IVR programming and voices self-services […]
November 5, 2008

Combination of Alivox and I6NET technologies enable multilingual voice and video response platforms for IP/3G telephony

Edinburgh, UK and Madrid, Spain, November 5, 2008 — Alivox Ltd, a leading provider of automated language and accent identification software, and I6NET, a company specialising in Interactive Voice and Video Response (IVVR) technologies, announce a working partnership that will benefit next generation IP/3G telephony applications. I6NET’s IVVR solutions combine the simplicity of traditional voice response with the advanced video capabilities offered by 3G handsets and SIP telephones, adding a new personalised dimension to voice-only calls and dramatically enhancing user experience. Alivox’s ALiS (Automatic Language Identification System) brings a new dimension to I6NET’s IVVR capabilities, enabling rapid multilingual response, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction and greatly reducing costs. ALiS can identify the language of an inbound caller in just three seconds – the call can then be immediately routed to I6NET’s platform. David Chisholm, Director of Business Development at Alivox Ltd […]
October 28, 2008

I6NET and DAVI Interactive partner to offer advanced RICH media for 3G mobiles services

Madrid, Paris  October 21th, 2008, In a effort to accelerate growth and innovation for business, I6NET and DAVI Interactive today announced their partnership aimed at enhancing implementation of best-in-class solutions, especialy around the 3G communications and RICH media services fields. As part of their agreement, I6NET and DAVI work together to create various bundled offering for the 3G networks. “We think it is a great opportunity for us to partner with DAVI and offer together smartest 2D or 3D video contents mixed with our technology. I6NET is today the new way to deploy IP/3G VoiceXML interactive applications for Asterisk. We look forward to a long term relationship and are confident of success in this endeavor” said Iván Sixto CEO and Business Development Manager, I6NET. “We were thinking for a long time to push our technology on a global cell media […]
October 23, 2008

I6NET and Greenfield Technologies Ltd partner to offer 3G Media Services based on Asterisk

Spain, Israel – October 21th, 2008.  In an effort to accelerate growth for business, I6NET and Greenfield Technologies Ltd (GreenfieldTech) today announced their partnership aimed at enhancing development and implementation of best-in-class solutions, especially around the 3G communications and services fields. As part of their agreement, I6NET and Greenfieldtech work together to create various bundled offering for the 3G networks. “While the IVR market in Israel is enjoying a prolific growth over the past 3 years, thanks to the adaptation of Asterisk – IVVR services hadn’t yet enjoyed such growth. We had identified the cause to be a low ROI and high TCO issue, as traditional IVVR for 3G media transmission are highly expensive to install and maintain. The combination of Asterisk and I6NET’s IVVR/VXML solution enables a high ROI and lower TCO than traditional platforms – making these more […]
September 23, 2008

VoiceXML Browser Brings Speech Recognition to Millions of Asterisk Users LumenVox Speech Recognition Software Integrated in I6NET’s VXI* 3.1

Press release: Astricon 2008, October 23th – PRWEB Madrid, Spain and San Diego, California (PRWEB) September 23, 2008 — I6NET, a company specializing in Interactive Voice & Video Response technologies, and LumenVox, a speech recognition software company, announced today the release of VXI* 3.1. VXI* enables thousands of existing VXML applications to run on the Asterisk PBX platform, and new speech recognition solutions to be built affordably. “The release of VXI*, powered by the LumenVox Speech Engine, allows the large pool of VXML developers to run existing speech applications on the Asterisk platform or to develop new ones that are standards-based,” commented Bill Meisel, president of TMA Associates and Publisher & Editor of Speech Strategy News. “The widespread use of the Asterisk platform presents an opportunity for VoiceXML developers to increase adoption of speech solutions in cost-sensitive markets. And who […]
April 9, 2008

Avanzada7 and I6NET announce Partnership for VXI*

  Malaga – Madrid (Spain), 2008 April 9 – I6NET is pleased to announce the agreement with Avanzada7 for the distribution of VXI* VoiceXML browser for Asterisk PBX in the Spanish and Portuguese market. Now advanced Interactive Voice and Video Response ( IVR / IVVR ) solutions base on VXI* software technology are going to create new value added services for all Asterisk’s products provided by Avanzada7. Avanzada7 is a private Spanish company founded in 2002, March 1st. With a team of professionals highly enabled in the world of fixed, VoIP and mobile telephony. They happened to become the main Digium’s Distributor and Open Source Asterisk’s project promoter in Spain, working solely with its strong resellers’ channel and offering technical support for presale or postsale projects. More information is available at: |
March 12, 2008

Digium® and I6NET Announce Partnership to offer VoiceXML browser technology into Asterisk

I6NET Solutions and Technologies is proud to announce today partnership with Digium Inc. the Asterisk® Company. We post here the press release published: HUNTSVILLE, Ala., and Madrid (Spain), 2008 March 12 — Digium®, Inc., the Asterisk® Company, and I6NET Solutions and Technologies, Limited a pan European company specialized in the development of new applications and advanced communication solutions, announce today their partnership. I6NET’s VoiceXML browser and software technology enables the creation of interactive voice and video applications. This product is the first complete VoiceXML browser add-on for Asterisk. More information is available at VXI* VoiceXML browser for Asterisk gives developers, operators, and service providers the ability to rapidly develop and deploy innovative VoiceXML-controlled voice and video applications in VoIP, PSTN, and 3G-324M networks. VXI* is fully compliant with W3C VoiceXML 2.0 and some 2.1 specifications, and can easily integrate […]
November 20, 2006

I6NET & Cepstral announce Text-To-Speech partnership for Interactive Voice Response Telephony

I6NET, a Spanish company specialising in Interactive Voice & Video Response Technologies which combine voice, video and web-enabled VoiceXML applications, has today announced a partnership agreement with Cepstral LLC, a speech technology company based in the USA. Under the terms of the agreement I6NET will embed a connector for Cepstral’s Text-To-Speech (TTS) engine and voices within their VoiceXML browser (VXI*), an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) software application for the Asterisk Open Source PBX platform. “The addition of Cepstral’s speech technology to our products allows maximiser customers to utilise high-quality Text-To-Speech for building advanced voice services that require dynamic content. The voices sound great and provide our customers with the flexibility to easily deliver a wide range of information over the phone, or across the network. Cepstral’s Text-to-Speech (TTS) engines are a perfect fit for VXI* VoiceXML browser for Asterisk offering, […]