April 2, 2013

RTC over Android SmartTV mini [Video]

Blusens SmartTV mini is a new Android powered setup-box for any TV. We are pleased to share with your a small Real Time Communications (RTC) demo from our Labs with this small dual core Android 4.0 device running our latest Android Client* SDK. Quality results are really good as you can see on the short video test.   [framed_video column=”three-fourth”][/framed_video] Youtube link:
March 29, 2013

New Video Phone app. Client* for the Blusens WebTV released!

We are releasing a new application Client* for the WebTV with a complete redesign look&feel. This small app is built for your favorite set-top box and convert any TV into a  low-cost videoconference terminal. This new version is very easy to manage from an IR remote control by any user. It’s a perfect solution for hotels, meeting rooms, small offices media-center… We will talk more about this product’s use cases very soon!   About Blusens: WebTV The web:tv is a palm-sized device capable of bringing internet into your TV. It is also an advanced High Definition multimedia player capable of connecting itself to your home network, computer, network or USB hard disks, routers, etc and play out multiple video, audio and picture formats. It also features an HD-DVB-T tuner with timeshift and allows the recording of TV programs with its […]
February 15, 2012

Web Phone Online Demo (over Flash/RTMP) #IVVR

We are very pleased to unveil our new online demo service allowing you to test an IVVR (powered by a Flash/RTMP Server Channel and Video IP/3G over a VXI*/Asterisk Server) and make amazing videocalls over the web by yourself! First, you have to register your web phone to our demo-server (using a default user: guest1 or any other). Then just clic-on the “Register” button and the web phone status will be set to Online. Then you can call to any demo number entered and pressing “Call” button. The numeric keypad in the left-bottom corner can  send DTMF during the calls for menus and options. Follow our instructions and try it now! Online Demo URL: User Guide: [download id=”153″ format=”1″ autop=”false”] Videocall Peer-to-Peer Demo: Register using a name or number: demo1 Register using another name or number from another computer: […]
January 25, 2012

InsideCTI: The future of video in the contact center

We are pleased to share this very good article by John Stepp from InsideCTI about The Future of Video in the Contact Center. There’s very few contents about video contact centers but technology is ready for the next big thing for human communications and businesses. By John Stepp, InsideCTI When I was on the phone recently with my website provider, I really would have liked to have had a video connection. I am certain that I could have gotten more out of the call if it was video. At least it was a real time call and not through e-mail. The voice inflections gave me enough doubt to go ahead and pursue an alternate provider. Then again, video might have given my web site provider the ability to instill the confidence necessary for me not to pursue and alternative provider. […]
December 8, 2011

Web Phone Video Call Demo – Spanish [Video]

VOIP2DAY 2011 Madrid Event: Altitude Software – I6NET Conference Date: October 4, 2011 Ivan Sixto, CEO / Business Development Manager of I6NET, is showing our latest Web Phone Software over Internet. This video is a real demo of the latest I6NET’s web phone technology to make easily video calls over the web and create video contact center services. The main component is the Flash/RTMP Server Channel for VXI*, to add a web phone service on any web page (flash editable and customizable). With this software, you can make voice/video calls over the web and connect your online shop or corporate pages to your contact center agents. YouTube (shortlink): More videos from Altitude Software: More information: Altitude – I6NET’s conference at VoIP2DaY 2011 [Video]
November 23, 2011

Presentation: Self-Services & Video Contact Centers / IP Multichannel Solutions for CC – Barcelona 2011

I6NET’s presentation in Spanish (by Ivan Sixto) at Multi-Channel IP Solutions for Contact Centers – Barcelona 2011 on Slideshare: Self-Services & Video Contact Centers IP View more presentations from I6NET Table of contents: Slide 01: Title Slide 02: Human-Machine dialog Slide 03: Voice Interface in new mobiles Slide 04: Telephony Self-Services Slide 05: Integration and Programming Slide 06: Voice Platforms for Businesses Slide 07: Voice & Video Platforms Slide 08: Video, the next evolution Slide 09: Social Networks and Internet Slide 10: A 360º Video Solution for Business Slide 11: SIP / H323 Devices Slide 12: PC Video Softphones Slide 13: 3G Videocalling Slide 14: Tablets and Smartphones Slide 15: Web/Flash Videocalling Slide 16: Video Transcoder IVVR Slide 17: Phone / Internet Slide 18: IP Convergence: Telephony / Web Slide 19: Phone / TV Slide 20: IP Convergence: Telephony / TV […]
November 21, 2011

HTML5 or Flash/RTMP for video calling over the web?

The announcement by Adobe last week of the death of Flash on mobile devices will have a significant impact on software development platforms battle for mobiles, but it’s not the end of this war. The way you develop your mobile applications is important but it’s not the only key element to consider for online multimedia services. Our question is now: Is HTML5 able to replace Flash technology for video calling? Obviously, experts working on life video communications over the web, HTML5 is not yet ready but why?   HTML5 There’s two tags to consider for video services <video> and <device> to send and receive a video stream. Unfortunately, these tags are both unable to control in real time a life video/audio streaming. Video calling requires an application to control the bandwidth, decoding/encoding and manage a channels’ real time synchronization.  Currently, […]
September 13, 2011

IVVR Farming for 3G Streaming Live Video Services

The 3rd Generation Video Telephony value added service providers have seen the benefits of centralizing equipment as it reduces maintenance costs (everything is now managed as a whole) and increases equipment use, since equipment (such as Video IVR ports) can now be shared among 3G operators, thus lowering the overall number of required ports. Wireless telecommunication operators are rolling out UMTS / 3G networks and providing broadband internet speeds and ability for service providers / customers to access IVVR rich services such as video streaming and mobile TV. Live Video like TV contents are delivered thru RTSP streaming servers and prerecorded MP4 / VXML contends thru NAS systems. The proposed architecture basically supports any single point of failure. Thus, videocalls will continue to be processed even after a failure.   The following high availability features are: Dual SIP routers: OpenSER […]
April 13, 2011

Some pictures from “Tecnología a la Carta – Primavera” 2011!

Thanks to all attendees of “Tecnología a la Carta – Primavera 2011” organized by Altitude Software and I6NET. We hope you will enjoy these pictures from our yesterday’s event:  at Fortuny – Madrid (Spain), where we have discovered all about Video Contact Centers. Speakers: Jose Manuel Ceruelo – Presales Manager at Alitude Software Ivan Sixto – CEO at I6NET Keynotes (Spanish): [download id=”126″ format=”1″ autop=”false”] : Realidad de los Video Contact Centers…  (Jose Manuel Ceruelo) [download id=”127″ format=”1″ autop=”false”] : Video Contact Centers, Retos y Aplicaciones… (Iván Sixto) [download id=”128″ format=”1″ autop=”false”] : Casos Prácticos y Demo (Iván Sixto) Link to Flickr:
June 8, 2010

Apple introduces Video Calling for the iPhone 4

It’s like “One small step for the iPhone but giant leap for Market”… Today, new iPhone 4’s video call (FaceTime) presentation, sounds like when Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced the iPod in a Market where thousands of different digital audio players were already deployed. But everyone knows, the iPod introduction has changed all about how people like to listen and enjoy music. Of course, iPhone 4’s new video calling features are smart but very limited: only WIFI video calls, only iPhone-to-iPhone,… So, what is really important today is to show new experiences and that’s something Apple does incredibly better. At I6NET, we love to develop Video Telephony Technologies and we feel that’s an important event for the next Video Communications. Thanks again Mr Steve Jobs!