February 22, 2010

Kapanga, the Video over IP Softphone for your VXI* IVVR Services

February 22th 2010, Washington – USA, Madrid – Spain. We are very proud to announce our partnership and technical collaboration with Ecotronics the creators of Kapanga an amazing video softphone for IP communications. I6NET’s team is working with Ecotronics since years but the convergence of our products is today a real new step for video business solutions. Kapanga is available for Windows, Linux, Android, Windows Mobile and support most of Video and Audio codecs used for Voice or Video over IP Telephony Services. More information about Kapanga:
January 27, 2010

New Xtras* Video IP/3G addons released!

We are please to announce a new release of Xtras Video IP/3G addons for the last VXI* VoiceXML browser 4.3 for Asterisk. Following VXI* last update, binary packages are available for all same Linux distributions (Debian, Redhat, CentOS, Ubuntu, …). Video IP/3G addons include several modules (3G-324m stack for lastest video telephony, Video 3G/IP conferencing, Video 3G/IP call record, RTSP for IP Cameras video/audio/PTZ) to create video phone applications thru VoiceXML, according to video services you need to develop: New features added and modifications: H264 transcoder added Video conferencing updated RTSP for Linksys IP Cams added RFC 2190 transcoder updated These packages are only available for IVVR production platforms powered by VXI* VoiceXML over Asterisk. Support services are required for 3G-324m videocall configuration.  Please contact us for more information. Video Demos: Thanks for your continuous support!
July 27, 2009

Flash Videocall and IP communications convergence over 3G

This demo shows IP Convergence is not a buzzword… Thanks to Luis C. from Celudan for  this crazy video demo using many telecom building blocks over an 3G data connection. The VXI* VoiceXML browser for Asterisk is managing the main video service and mixing all protocols, medias all interacting thru SIP, Flash Streaming, RTSP, direct video mp4,… The videocall is launched from a Samsung Omnia mobile phone (3G data connected to Internet) with just a simple Skyfire mobile browser executing a web video telephony service where the web flash ZMS softphone take a videocall… then a new world of IP communications convergence over 3G starts here… to access to any phone, operator, IP cams, any videoportals, any interactive communication, phone calls, softphones… etc
July 23, 2009

Sharing Video IP Cameras with VXI* VoiceXML for 3G-UMTS videocalls and VoIP SIP

We are please to present a new update of the IP Cam Xtras addon for VXI*, one of most interesting feature for 3G/SIP videocalling services is to access to an IP camera. This module allows to code with VoiceXML a hosted video portal to access to many IP cameras in multi-session mode. This mean many users can share any camera connected to the service. 3G videocall’s advantages: No 3G data contrat required (you don’t need Internet plan for your mobile phone) No previous software  application/ SMS instalation required No specific mobile phone setup and configuration, just make a videocall! Video streaming optimized for Mobile Wireless Communication Real-time bidirectional  mode always available Works with all 3G mobile phones (videocall enabled, most of them are today) Works with all 3G UMTS wireless operators Works in roadming mode thru another 3G UMTS operator […]
May 5, 2009

VXI* IVVR VoiceXML demo service using 3G videocalling with Hand Free Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition with dynamic grammars are very easy to manage with VXI* VoiceXML browser for Asterisk, this demo shows how easy it is to code a simple VoiceXML script to develop a small video interactive portal for 3G wireless networks. This video service is coded with only one XML script and manage both TTS and ASR. The Speech Engine technologies available for our VXI* VoiceXML browser are ready to work in hand free mode. Of course, possibilities of this kind of services over VXI* are endless… We let you imagine the next generation of speech recognition self-services with 3G real-time videocalling … The only one script VoiceXML source code of this demo is: <?xml version="1.0"?> <vxml version="2.0" xmlns="" xml:lang="en-US"> <property value="15s" name= "termtimeout" /> <property value="dtmf voice" name= "inputmodes" /> <form id = "service"> <field name="country"> <audio src="video/service.3gp"/> <option dtmf="1" value="france">France</option> <option dtmf="2" […]
April 14, 2009

How to make videocalls between a web page and a 3G mobile phone?

3G Videocalls from a mobile phone to a web enabled flash softphone using VXI* IVVR platform for Asterisk PBX Everybody has dreamt to make videocalls as easy as possible without any specific software installation at both sides. From a standard 3G mobile phone’s videocall to a web enabled flash application opened inside an web browser. This is now possible, opening new communication opportunities for people and businesses. Some important elements of this configuration is the ability to manage the videocall between this two worlds, 3G telecom network and IP with Flash technology using VoiceXML interactivity as a bridge with Asterisk. All integrations are now available with newest VXI* 4.1rc IVVR solution. Some examples: Web enabled video call centers agents Online videocall assistance for websites Online videocall services Videocall 3G mobile phone from any webpage having flash… Now, possibilities are endless…
April 2, 2009

3G Connectivity Conference at Brussels – 2009, April 24

3G Connectivity for 3G Video Services Evolution is delighted to invite you to attend this Conference on next April 24th 2009 in Brussels (Belgium) This event is an excellent opportunity to introduce the latest advance platforms and toolkit sharing technical complexities of mobile video. It offers you a leg-up you need to produce compelling and profitable applications enabling the deployment of new video-based services. 3G Connectivity has been quick to adapt to the changing needs of the market and recognizes the demand for feature rich, engaging video applications which are enabled by highly scalable 3G networks. In addition, anyone can record content to the Video Portal for applications from any 3G mobile phone. Furthermore, 3G content can be live-streamed to the Internet. Our keynote  will be presented by  Ivan Sixto, CEO & Business Dev. Manager at I6NET. More information at:
February 5, 2009

I6NET and Androme partners for new IP/3G videocalling technology services

Madrid – Barcelona (Spain), February 2th, 2009, ANDROME partners with I6NET for its Phemium Consultant platform (, to provide dynamic voice/video menus for distance consultancy, for both, phone and 3G phone calls. The Phemium Consultant platform allows consultancy companies to create in minutes advanced consultancy remote services and publish them through web, phone and 3G phone calls. The call process starts with a service and consultants directory, next the access control process before the voice/video conference is established to end with a customer satisfaction survey.  ANDROME has developed this innovative services with an integration of VXI* VoiceXML browser over IP and 3G videocalling with their own products for video conferencing and Intellivic softphones.
October 15, 2008

Video Contact Center made easy with VoiceXML

VXI* VoiceXML browser for Asterisk PBX provides the ability to enhance your contact center with personalized interactive video 3G/IP communications for less Considering that Internet and 3G technology is highly used for every day to day communications, more and more people have access to real-time video communications through video-enabled handsets, web cameras and videophones in the office, at home and on the road. Imagine you had the ability to talk to your clients face to face connecting IP sofphones and 3G mobile phones. A simple Video Contact Center solution can be rapidly implemented with VXI* standalone software and an Asterisk server. No gateway is required, only TDM E1 cards to connect the 3G networks or only IP. VoiceXML allows you to have life transfer to softphones, video-on-hold videos, in addition to a complex self-service video IVR… Some features: Voice/Video call […]
April 17, 2008

Talking about 3G interactivity at CoIP Paris

Iván Sixto (business dev. manager and cofounder) talking with Carmelo Zaccone about 3G Interactivity at CoIP Communications 2008 ( This interview in french includes a life demo of a 3G IVVR service from Paris. Source: