April 24, 2012

VXI* Text-to-Speech Online Demo #TTS

We are pleased to unveil the first IVR / IVVR demo service to test 10 TTS engines! This demo show you how each TTS works with our VXI* VoiceXML browser to test many languages by yourself over a PSTN call or a web call. Our VXI* server is connected to all of these engines at the same time, and it’s running each VoiceXML session in real-time. We will extend this demo service for more languages and voices in the next weeks. We want to thank all our TTS technology partners for their engine contribution on this demo service where you can select and discover all their product’s voices. Text-to-Speech Engines: Verbio Ivona Google Voxygen Loquendo-Nuance Truevoice-SpeechTechnologyGroup Lumenvox Acapela-Group MBROLA-eSpeak (coming soon) Festival Lite (coming soon) Languages: English (EN) English UK (EN-UK) English US (EN-US) French (FR) Spanish (ES) Polish (PL) […]
March 23, 2012

New VXI* VoiceXML browser 7.0 released!

We are very pleased to present the 7.0 release ref. 2012-03-22 of our VXI* VoiceXML Browser for Asterisk. This new 2012 edition is the most advanced interpreter that can run over Asterisk . As in previous releases, we include specific improvements and new features that will provide you the best IVR / IVVR experience for your voice and video telephony projects. VXI* 7.0 is suitable for production platforms running with all latest Asterisk 1.4, 1.6, 1.8 kernels! (all Asterisk’s packages are available for download too). Many Linux OS Distributions versions available based on: Debian 6.0 Squeeze 32bit | 64bit Debian 5.0 Lenny 32bit | 64bit CentOs 6.0-6.2 32bit | 64bit CentOs 5.4-5.7 32bit | 64bit You can download these new binary packages from this website for registered users. Powered by I6NET Software New features added and modifications: add: Prefix ‘@’ in […]
March 10, 2012

Voice interactive classroom: best practices and design strategies [Research Paper]

We are pleased to reference a new research paper from the Department of Computer Science, University of Oviedo, Spain. This paper provides an insight into the process of developing comprehensive voice-enabled and interoperable learning services. It provides a background on the Voice Interactive Classroom, a service-oriented architecture that enables cross-platform multichannel access to Internet-based learning. Strategies and practices for designing, developing, documenting and evaluating service-oriented applications are also presented, which allow aural access to existing e-learning platforms. In addition, it’s summarise the development of four voice-enabled learning services and report the findings obtained from evaluating their usability and didactic effectiveness. This research is intended to facilitate students and practitioners with planning, implementing and evaluating their own solutions. This research paper proposes the use of a service-oriented approach, supported by the e-learning specifications IMS Abstract Framework and The Open Knowledge Initiative, […]
February 23, 2012

Verbio Speech Solutions joins us at #MWC 2012 Barcelona

Verbio is I6NET’s Congress Partner at next MWC 2012 Barcelona. VERBIO provides a complete portfolio of speech technology and voice solutions with full support of the VXI* VoiceXML Browser: Corporate Branding Voice, Speech Analytics, E-learning audio content, Transport announcement , Mass Media Transcription, ATM speech deployment ,Web Speech, Voice Biometrics , and so on. VERBIO offers “win to win” proposals to its customers, understanding their business models and adapting to them. Nowadays voice solutions cannot be applied using a standard approach to all kind of customers. Solutions must be adaptable and flexible to meet company and organization goals attending to technical needs as well as market and geographical approach. VERBIO today is already a reference supplier for Spanish-speaking market, covering all official languages in Spain (and all of) as well as CALAM (Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Peru). Main […]
February 20, 2012

Vectec ASR joins us at #MWC 2012 Barcelona

The Vestec Speech Engine has been designed as a powerful, low-cost, standards-based alternative to conventional ASRs for small vocabulary continuous speech applications. We are pleased to share with you the latest information about this ASR engine from our partner Vestec. VXI* VoiceXML Browser for Asterisk runs Vectec ASR thru a native connector (included with VXI*) or MRCP Client. A very important annoucement from Vestec is the availability of new 20 voice accoustic models for most european languages and many others. New 24 languages: Some important features: Low price High accuracy Medium vocabulary SGRS Grammars SISR Tags MRCP Support Scalable architecture New languages Brochure: [download id=”152″ format=”1″ autop=”false”] Vestec is I6NET’s Congress Partner at next MWC 2012 Barcelona. Ulex Innovative Systems booth at French Pavilion UbiFrance Hall 2, 2F49 exhibit Days 27, 28. More information: Meet us at next Mobile World […]
February 15, 2012

Web Phone Online Demo (over Flash/RTMP) #IVVR

We are very pleased to unveil our new online demo service allowing you to test an IVVR (powered by a Flash/RTMP Server Channel and Video IP/3G over a VXI*/Asterisk Server) and make amazing videocalls over the web by yourself! First, you have to register your web phone to our demo-server (using a default user: guest1 or any other). Then just clic-on the “Register” button and the web phone status will be set to Online. Then you can call to any demo number entered and pressing “Call” button. The numeric keypad in the left-bottom corner can  send DTMF during the calls for menus and options. Follow our instructions and try it now! Online Demo URL: User Guide: [download id=”153″ format=”1″ autop=”false”] Videocall Peer-to-Peer Demo: Register using a name or number: demo1 Register using another name or number from another computer: […]
February 6, 2012

New VXI* Speech Recognition Connector for Google ASR

Today, we are pleased to present a new Speech Recognition Connector for Google ASR. Previously, in 2010, we had added a Text-to-Speech Connector for Google TTS, named CURL and already available for VXI* platforms. Online Speech Recognition services are becoming very interesting for mobile phones and applications like Apple Siri (iOS) and Google Voice (Android). Obviously, these services over the Cloud don’t provide a realtime speech recognition and require an internet access to work but you get easily all speech recognized words in a simple text chain from a pre-recorded message. This approach is more and more accepted by users thanks to the iPhone 4S experience with Siri. Of course, the grammar structure is not really powerful compare to a VoiceXML-ASR realtime integration but for trainings and demo services, it could be very useful. Now, you can use Google TTS/ASR from […]
January 26, 2012

I6NET, Let’s talk about our products with Avanzada7 [Webinar]

We are pleased to announce a next Webinar event with our partner Avanzada7 to talk about all our products suite, last updates, and all advantages and benefits on working with VoiceXML over Asterisk servers. This Webinar is a new way to discover our products sharing questions and comments with our product’s manager in short keynote of 30 min duration. Please register here: When: Title: “VXI*, Plataformas IVR / VoiceXML para Asterisk con I6NET” Wednesday February 1, 2012 at 4:00pm (CET Europe/Madrid) Language: Spanish (ES) Duration 30 min Contents: Introduction to I6NET Why Asterisk and VoiceXML? VXI* VoiceXML browser for Asterisk Software Extensions Cloud-Ready Telephony IVR Packages for Avanzada7 Online Store Space is limited, reserve your webinar here!
January 25, 2012

Piehead: State of the Web – Flash vs HTML5

Flash or HTML5 that is the question? Piehead has compared the two approaches, and compiled an infographic outlining the pros and cons of each. Overall,  neither Flash nor HTML5 can safely be ignored. Source:
January 25, 2012

InsideCTI: The future of video in the contact center

We are pleased to share this very good article by John Stepp from InsideCTI about The Future of Video in the Contact Center. There’s very few contents about video contact centers but technology is ready for the next big thing for human communications and businesses. By John Stepp, InsideCTI When I was on the phone recently with my website provider, I really would have liked to have had a video connection. I am certain that I could have gotten more out of the call if it was video. At least it was a real time call and not through e-mail. The voice inflections gave me enough doubt to go ahead and pursue an alternate provider. Then again, video might have given my web site provider the ability to instill the confidence necessary for me not to pursue and alternative provider. […]