October 13, 2011

Join us at next: Multi-Channel IP Solutions for Contact Centers – Palma de Mallorca 2011

RunSolutions, Altitude Software and I6NET are pleased to announce next event at Palma de Mallorca (Spain) an event about Multi-Channel IP Solutions for Contact Centers (CTI, IVR, IVVR, Asterisk, Videocalls, VoIP, Contact Centers, Open Source,…) Where/When:  October 20th, 2011 at 11h00 – 13h30  Palma de Mallorca (Spain), Cámara de Comercio – Calle Estudio General 7 Keynotes:  Jose Manuel Ceruelo, Presales Manager at Altitude Software  Iván Sixto, CEO and cofounder at I6NET  Antonio Martín-Posadillo, Founder at RunSolutions Contents:  Welcome message of RunSolutions and AEECCC  Altitude Software’s Keynote How to unify all customers’ channels in real time?  I6NET’s Keynote: Self-services and Advanced Video Communications  RunSolutions’ Keynote: Asterisk and Services  Coffee and Networking Sponsors:  AEECCC  Altitude Software  I6NET Solutions and Technologies  RunSolutions Please book your place at the event to avoid disappointment. Places are limited and fill up quick here. To register and […]
September 13, 2011

IVVR Farming for 3G Streaming Live Video Services

The 3rd Generation Video Telephony value added service providers have seen the benefits of centralizing equipment as it reduces maintenance costs (everything is now managed as a whole) and increases equipment use, since equipment (such as Video IVR ports) can now be shared among 3G operators, thus lowering the overall number of required ports. Wireless telecommunication operators are rolling out UMTS / 3G networks and providing broadband internet speeds and ability for service providers / customers to access IVVR rich services such as video streaming and mobile TV. Live Video like TV contents are delivered thru RTSP streaming servers and prerecorded MP4 / VXML contends thru NAS systems. The proposed architecture basically supports any single point of failure. Thus, videocalls will continue to be processed even after a failure.   The following high availability features are: Dual SIP routers: OpenSER […]
September 12, 2011

One-Time-Password (OTP) for IVR Transactions

A one-time password (OTP) is a password that is valid for only one login session or transaction. OTPs avoid a number of shortcomings that are associated with traditional (static) passwords. The most important shortcoming that is addressed by OTPs is that, in contrast to static passwords, they are not vulnerable to replay attacks. This means that, if a potential intruder manages to record an OTP that was already used to log into a service or to conduct a payment or any other secure transaction, he or she will not be able to abuse it since it will be no longer valid. Manage a OTP service with an IVR powered by VoiceXML like VXI* is really easier, allowing a dynamic programing to connect any backoffice system. What is an IVR transaction with OTP? IVR + OTP (interactive voice response) transactions are […]
August 31, 2011

The 3915 phone number seen on french TV [video]

The «3915» or is the french national interactive phone service where you can find in less than a minute the nearest pharmacist on duty from your geographical location. With any french operator, from any cellphone, you just have to enter your zip code, or simply the name of the city. This service, has been deployed by 4KALL, an IT pharmacy solutions provider and is running over VXI* VoiceXML platforms. The 3915 is providing support to emergency services like SAMU , to ensure the best quality of communications for public safety and health in France. Congratulations! Video:
July 29, 2011

All Video Channels/Protocols for an advanced IVVR

We are going to talk more about video capabilities of an IVVR based on VXI* and how important it is to get a platform interoperable with a large number of video channels and protocols. Today, video applications are becoming more and more significant for social medias and advanced communications services. It’s not only a new Technology Trend, video is a killer feature to build amazing services for businesses. Today, there’s 6 major key factors to consider: Users are demanding more multimedia interactions and realtime video All new smartphones, tablets, netbooks, laptops,… are video-ready with front cams Social medias are changing people’s and consumer behavior and expectations Videocalls add new ways to sell, negotiate, support, promote, advice, hire… IP Networks are ready for a Video Services Revolution within communications Big Internet players like Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft are adding new video […]
July 29, 2011

Inside the VXI* IVR / IVVR Platform for Asterisk

(Click to enlarge) VXI* is the VoiceXML browser for Asterisk and its Xtras* extensions allow to build advanced IVR / IVVR platforms to run standard voice and video telephony applications. This diagram shows each parts of a complete, flexible and evolutive business solution. Software Components: VXI*, VoiceXML browser for Asterisk Xtras*, Software extensions for VXI* Asterisk, the open source telephony system Speech engines: SIV, Speaker Indentification & Verification (third party) TTV, Text-to-Video (internal) TTS, Text-to-Speech (third party) ASR, Automatic-Speech-Recognition (third party) MRCP, Media Resource Control Protocol for ASR (uniMRCP) More information: How to Start Documentation Hardware servers Installation
July 22, 2011

VuiCloud: Increasing the use of Speech in IVR Applications

We are pleased to share a very good report and interesting IVR figures for you summer reading from VuiCloud (Interactive Digital). Download (from the source): [download id=”133″ format=”1″ autop=”false”] Executive Summary: Speech is one of the few technologies that has the potential for enhancing telephone self-service. The technology, if used properly, provides motivation for significant upgrading of existing self-service installations. That said, telephone self-service in general is one of the few technologies that is strongly disliked by the user community. This is largely because the bulk of the implementations have been done so poorly. According to ASR News, in 2010, the total self-service installed base was 8.6M ports worldwide. Additionally, in 2010 there were: A total of 889,640 self-service port shipments, of which 79.54% were for the Customer Premise Equipment market. A total of 75.9B DTMF self-service inbound call minutes worldwide […]
June 16, 2011

Success Story: Valdepeñas’s City Voice Portal powered by VXI*

June 9th, 2011, Madrid, Spain. Valdepeñas is well known to produce one of the most famous spanish red vines from Castilla-La Mancha. This city has deployed a large innovative auto-attendant service for all its citizen to improve information and many public administration processes. Citizens can now get faster information 24×7, real time feedback, and manage better all their requirements to the Valdepeñas City Government just using their phone. Some key features are: Get information status for citizen’s requests Claims and suggestions management Sports facilities booking Appointment management Information Listing City news Emergency calls Polls management Ambiser has implemented SACVoz a set of VoiceXML applications integrated with the city government backoffice systems. SACVoz is running over Asterisk servers powered by VXI* VoiceXML browser from I6NET.   Spanish press release: Portal de Voz de Atención Ciudadana del Ayuntamiento de Valdepeñas El Ayuntamiento […]
May 27, 2011

Ambiser provides Auto-attendant Phone Services powered by VXI* for Spanish Local and Regional Elections 2011

May 27th 2011, Madrid (Spain). Past May 22th 2011, 34 Millions of spanish voters went to the polls in local and regional Sunday to elect mayors in 8,000 cities and towns as well as presidents in 13 of 17 regional governments. To get information about their poll stations, different cities have selected Ambiser able to provide a smart phone service for online information retrieval from citizen databases. I6NET was selected to provide the IVR technology based on VXI* VoiceXML server farms in partnership with Ambiser provider of advanced voice portal solutions and consultancy services. This Auto-attendant Phone Service was developed in several local spanish languages according to each city and region.
March 9, 2011

Improve your Phone System with IVR, voice and video calling apps to make your business more productive

Very good post from Angie Reed, Product Marketing Manager at Digium talking about how users and entreprises are always looking for better Communication Solutions. Smart Phones are user-centric devices but Businesses require better Phone Systems. That’s right, that most technology users want immediate access to information – a single device for my camera, music (MP3 Player), GPS, email and, of course a phone. A smart phone is that powerfully useful tool that makes life easier. So, for better or worse, they are willing to incur the sunk cost associated with changing cell phones frequently just to gain the latest features and capabilities. Then, is it really a surprise that businesses want to improve their communications too? Like the mobile phone, users want a single interface to access their phone calls, their associated emails, presence, chat, CRM systems, caller location services […]