May 9, 2008

Web publishing demo for 3G mobiles phones

We are please to present an interesting demo using a 3G VoiceXML application with VXI* 3.0 platforms. This IVVR video portal will allow you to record easily a video in real time during the videocall. The content is automatically posted to a web server in 3GP and FLV formats to be played by a simple video flash player. To test the demo, you just need to get a 3G mobile phone (with camera) and ensure you have 3G coverage with your operator (some countries may not have 3G coverage everywhere, this service is connected to Spain local PSTN/ISDN 3G network). Please follow this: Videocall to +34 91 210 45 06 (select videocall mode in your mobile 3G phone). Follow the video portal instructions, press 1 to start recording after the beep… To stop recording press any key, the video portal […]
April 17, 2008

New VXI* 3.0 released!

The newest VXI* VoiceXML browser 3.0 ref. 2008-04-14 is now released! This release contains important enhancements for Asterisk 1.4.X last versions. It also contains a complete review of the PBX connection for the lastest version of the Asterisk 1.4.X software. You will find a package for different environments, called Etch GCC4 / libstdc++ 6. All the binaries are compiled in Debian Linux OS. New features and modifications added: ASR Lumenvox Speech Engine integration (audio and video) Remove applications integration (call from Asterisk) Conference from the transfer tag with conf Call a Asterisk application fom the VoiceXML session. Prompt local file not exits correction (item increment removed) Support 3gp file format extension 3G-324m supports for VoiceXML 2.0+ Update 3G connector for (12/01. 15/01, 29/11) Building and dynamic speech grammar supported License upgrading bug correction TTS caching improvements TTV text-to-video reloaded! for […]
April 17, 2008

Talking about 3G interactivity at CoIP Paris

Iván Sixto (business dev. manager and cofounder) talking with Carmelo Zaccone about 3G Interactivity at CoIP Communications 2008 ( This interview in french includes a life demo of a 3G IVVR service from Paris. Source:
April 8, 2008

I6NET at CoIP Communications Paris 2008

April 15-16, 2008 CNIT La Défense, Paris – France I6NET will be present at CoIP Communications over IP Congress with IWATEL. For its third exhibition, CoIP is once again reflecting the strong dynamism of the IP markets. These are simultaneously expanding vigorously in their initial segments (voice and telephone systems) and growing stronger with reference to the “new applications” (web-conferences, joint work, unified communication, etc.) and are going firm on a certain number of subjects relating to the future growth centres in the IP galaxy (Wi-Fi / WiMAX, Land Line-Mobile convergence, IPTV, IP-Video, etc.). I6NET’s conference: CD2: 15/04/2008 – 16h20-16h45 Services multimédias interactifs IP/3G (IVVR) by Ivan Sixto More information:
April 5, 2008

Text-to-Video (TTV) for VXI* VoiceXML browser

TTV convert text to video and voice with a standard VoiceXML syntax. Using this complementary feature for TTS, your VXI* interactive applications can now push a text to the phone display. With TTV, it’s possible to implement very easily a new dimension of mobile video services; for example, text added information retrieved from a database or web pages and IVVR applications allows users to read and listen information at the same time. TTV is available in last VXI* 3.0 release for video SIP / 3G services.
March 12, 2008

Digium® and I6NET Announce Partnership to offer VoiceXML browser technology into Asterisk

I6NET Solutions and Technologies is proud to announce today partnership with Digium Inc. the Asterisk® Company. We post here the press release published: HUNTSVILLE, Ala., and Madrid (Spain), 2008 March 12 — Digium®, Inc., the Asterisk® Company, and I6NET Solutions and Technologies, Limited a pan European company specialized in the development of new applications and advanced communication solutions, announce today their partnership. I6NET’s VoiceXML browser and software technology enables the creation of interactive voice and video applications. This product is the first complete VoiceXML browser add-on for Asterisk. More information is available at VXI* VoiceXML browser for Asterisk gives developers, operators, and service providers the ability to rapidly develop and deploy innovative VoiceXML-controlled voice and video applications in VoIP, PSTN, and 3G-324M networks. VXI* is fully compliant with W3C VoiceXML 2.0 and some 2.1 specifications, and can easily integrate […]
March 8, 2008

I6NET at OpenSER Summit – VON.x Spring San José

March 17 – 20, 2008 Mcenery Conversion Center San José, CA The second OpenSER Summit will take place in San Jose, USA , on the 17th of March, 2008. This is the first US edition of the OpenSER Summit – following the European edition, a large segment of the OpenSER community have continouosly asked for an edition to address also the American community. The summit is again hosted inside the VoN Spring 2008 Exhibition, as a pre-conference event. This OpenSER Summit edition is sponsored by a parallel OpenSER related event, the OpenSER Pavilion . The pavilion is a common exhibiting area – booth 1027, inside VON.x expo, gathering, under the OpenSER name, five different companies OpenSER, VozTelecom, Tansnexus, LocalPhone, Voice-System  and I6NET working or using the project. I6NET will show “IVR and IVVR IP/3G VoiceXML services integration for OpenSER platforms”. […]
March 4, 2008

3G Video recording and web publishing

This demo helps to understand the infinite possibilities of 3G/IP convergence between 3G video telephony applications and web. This simple example runs a VoiceXML video calling service in a Linux server, Asterisk, VXI* and a Digium TDM board E1/T1. VoiceXML allows to manage easily all video dialogs, real time video recording and 3GP conversion to Flash SWF. 3G Video Call >> VoiceXML [ 3GP file >> SWF file (Flash) ] Video:
February 18, 2008

What is a 3G Video Portal or IVVR service?

IVVR, it’s like an IVR but with Video, yes of course! Video Portals can use now the last telephony video calling technology IP/3G to manage new mobile user experiences. Instead of using only voice you make a video call; you get interactive menus with pictures, real time video contents access and 3GPP file recording. VoiceXML has proven W3C telephony language standard provide you a worldwide unified approach in developing advanced interactive services. This model separates the application logic from dialog management and media handling, like in a web XML service: your IVVR application is located in a web server and can be easily integrated with any others web applications, contents… Some features of video calling experience are: – DTMF during playing – 3GPP playing contents – Transfer video call to SIP/3G extensions – Access to IP/3G cameras – Record/Reprompt 3GPP
September 8, 2007

IVVR, Video Portal Service with VXI* 2.X

I6NET is proud to present a new prototype of IVVR Interactive Voice and Video Response as features demostration of VXI* 2.X. With the evolution that voice over IP Asterisk Video have had in the latest months in 1.4.X releases, many notable improvements to the IVR services can be made, to such a point that adding video to I6NET VoiceXML 2.0+ voice & video browser is possible which is a great advance, considering the integration of the mobile and IP networks could be around the corner (as the case of 3G), which would let the users make use of interactive voice & video services from a mobile phone. Many thanks! to Manuel Vilate from Colombia for this project! [download=23] [download=22]